Unleash the power of data like a pro,
in just a few clicks!

Take the guesswork out of your strategy. Make better informed decisions,
faster and watch your ecommerce revenue grow, using
analytics and actionable insights.

Trusted by leading global brands
Trusted by leading global brands

Did you know?

eCommerce businesses making data-driven decisions drive 120% higher conversions
from marketing and advertising campaigns.

But only 7% of Shopify stores are able to successfully put their data to use.

The reasons?
Too many dashboards to track the performance of ads and marketing campaigns
Difficult to keep track of all focus metrics and key growth drivers
Inability to identify opportunities and wasteful campaigns
Excels and data visualisation tools are hard to manage and read

Every 5 minutes spent on tracking the wrong data = $27 worth of sales lost.
Get a consolidated view of your store’s performance

Stop wasting time moving from one tool to another, losing data (and customers) in transition. Connect all your eCommerce marketing, sales, and analytics apps to RevTap.

Watch all your data come alive with actionable reports for marketing and more.

Get to know your shoppers better with customer segments and analytics

RevTap analyzes your customers’ purchase behaviour and generates smart customer segments to enable personalized marketing.

Understand and meet consumer demand with product segments and analytics

Analyze how your products are performing with smart product segments. Use purchase trends and consumer behaviour to better manage your inventory for increased profits!

Identify your best performing marketing and advertising channels

Know which ad campaigns are driving traffic to your Shopify store and those leading to actual sales. Get a full list of your best-performing demographics, ad placements, locations and discounts offered.

Get the real picture on your checkout funnel and cart abandonment

Understand how shoppers are interacting with your store and moving towards making a purchase. Identify where visitors seem to drop-off to optimize their shopping journey for higher conversions.

Set up custom reports to make smarter decisions, faster

Create custom reports using customer and product analytics, performance marketing data on RevTap. Make decision making faster with ready-to-use, actionable insights on all fronts of the customer journey.

Personalize your marketing at scale with Growth Consultants

Turn your data and RevTap reports into actionables to drive more revenue with monthly strategy calls with Shopify experts.


Facebook ads


repeat purchases
using customer segments


reduced overall


Improved Facebook ads ROI


Repeat purchases using customer segments


Reduced overall CAC


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reduced overall


ROI on ad


increase in  revenue


reduced overall CAC


ROI on ad spend%

Reduce time spent on reports

Automated reports on marketing and advertising performance, customer and product segments, and checkout optimization.

Reduce human errors

Measure the right eCommerce growth metrics with formulae and reports set up by Shopify experts, and reduce the time spent gathering insights from multiple tools.

Easy decision making for scaling growth

Get actionable reports in no time to make data-driven decisions on your marketing, inventory and more.

Integrate your marketing and analytics apps to RevTap

One-click integration brings all your data from marketing, advertising and analytics tools onto a unified dashboard.

We’re adding more channels to our integrations every day to give you a comprehensive picture of your growth.

“It has been such a pleasure working with RevTap. They have managed our brand’s strategic marketing and advertising campaigns by implementing effective growth and we’ve seen ROI for the first time in so long.

I would highly recommend them as a brand’s marketing arm providing proven results in a short period of time. Very happy with their services.”

Anita Elsenberg,
Founder of Dermovia
Shark Tank winner, USA

Turn all the data you've been storing up in excel sheets into sales and revenue for your Shopify store

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