The Best Shopify Analytics App To Simplify Data

RevTap is an eCommerce analytics app that connects with your Shopify store, marketing, and analytics tools, and turns all data into actionables that increase Shopify sales!

Explore customer segments, product analytics and more.

Turning data into more sales for…

Simplify Shopify

If you’re spending hours checking multiple platforms, pulling out data that indicates your product and marketing performance, and then creating excel sheets, RevTap is for you.

RevTap is an eCommerce analytics app that simplifies store and marketing data and presents you with metrics and actionables that matter in minutes!

Identify what motivates shoppers to make

No two shoppers are the same. But they may have similar purchase behaviour and motivations.

With customer analytics, understand what appeals the most to the millennial shopper.

Is it a discount, an exclusive product range or a market trend?

Get answers to all your questions, understand your shoppers better and optimize your strategy withpersonalization like never before!

Uncover product insights to maximize profits
and revenue

Get an insight into which products are selling out fast and which range gets abandoned the most.

Identify what shoppers are looking for with smart product segments.

Realign your marketing efforts and manage your inventory as per consumer trends to maximize profits and revenue!

Increase Shopify sales with better marketing

Should you run a Facebook campaign? Or should you focus on email marketing?

Get data-backed answers to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Know which channels take your products to the right audience, which drive the most number of sales and which contributes the most to your revenue.

Optimize your spend and do more for your Shopify store!

How does Shopify analytics on RevTap work?

We make it easy for you to get started with Shopify analytics. All it takes is 2 small steps to get all your data in one place and derive
actionables with RevTap!


Connect all your apps to RevTap

Connect all your existing marketing and sales apps to RevTap.

Set up your very own Shopify analytics dashboard that makes it easy to monitor your store and marketing performance.

See all your data in one place. No more excel sheets!


Uncover actionable insights on customers and products

With all your data in one place, RevTap gets to work immediately.

It uses AI to process the data and create actionable marketing, customer and product analytics reports.

Identify market opportunities to increase Shopify sales in no time!

We Help You Understand Shopify Analytics - Every Step Of The Way!

We know Shopify analytics are overwhelming. That’s why we put together an eCommerce analytics masterclass just for you!

Right from setting up Google Analytics to creating custom reports and understanding customer reports, product performance and analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, we’re covering it all step by step. 

Become a Shopify Facebook Ads Pro!

Let’s put all your store and marketing data to work. Time to increase Shopify sales with RevTap!

Turn online shoppers into customers and untapped opportunities
into more revenue! (before your competitor does)

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