Beautonomy Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs By 80% With Product And Customer Segments

Beautonomy is a brand that specializes in creating customized and vegan makeup palettes. Learn how Beautonomy used RevTap to create product and customer segments for optimizing their Facebook ads, Google ads, and email marketing.

“From generating traffic on all platforms to helping us set up great campaigns, the RevTap team has really helped us put all our customer and product data to use. Needless to say, their work is definitely reflected in our revenue.”

Tom LeBree

CEO, Beautonomy

Challenges in putting Shopify analytics to work

Optimizing marketing campaigns for higher conversions

Right from product promotion campaigns to emails promoting their latest deals, bundles and more, Beautonomy ran multiple emails, Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to keep their subscribers and existing customers engaged.

But it became difficult for the brand to see which of their campaigns were driving maximum conversions, sales and revenue. The challenge was to make data-driven decisions to optimize campaign strategy and improve their marketing ROI.

Driving repeat orders/purchases

Every shopper is different. While some may choose to be seasonal shoppers, others come back to buy more from the same brand often. Beautonomy found it
difficult to analyze consumer purchase behavior and use the data to drive their engagement and repeat purchase campaigns.

They ran generic campaigns to promote products and deals that were not personalized enough for consumers to convert on, resulting in a lesser number of repeat purchases.

Beautonomy x RevTap:

Simplifying Shopify Analytics

With RevTap, Beautonomy was able to put all their data to use. Bringing data from their store, Google Analytics, Facebook ads manager and ActiveCampaign (email marketing app), RevTap created in-depth customer analytics and product analytics reports.

1. Customer segments

Using Beautonomy’s store and marketing data, RevTap analyzed the purchase behaviour of shoppers. Identifying common patterns across their customers, the app then turned eCommerce analytics into unique and clearly defined customer segments.

Right from frequent cart abandoners, price-sensitive customers, VIP customers, inactive customers (three, six and twelve months), and more, Beautonomy could clearly see which shopper falls under which category, what motivates them to make purchases and tailor their campaign messaging accordingly.

Here’s a glimpse at the Facebook ads they set up using customer segments:

The store also optimized their Google search ads with the data:

2. Performance analytics

RevTap also analysed the performance of different products that Beautonomy sold. Based on consumer interest, the sales generated for each and the overall revenue brought in by them, the app created unique product segments and individual product performance reports.

The segments helped the brand identify their hot-selling, trending, most profitable, most abandoned (and more) products. The brand could then use the data on their store to display profitable products first and promote them with banners and other strategies.

Here’s the brand showcasing their best-selling products based on data:

Beautonomy is now actively using its store and marketing data to optimize their promotions and plan their inventory better with RevTap.


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