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Asiya Nayeem

10 Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Recover Abandoned Carts

Which Shopify store hasn’t had to deal with cart abandonment? With abandonment rates as high as 69.57%, one of the most crucial parts of any merchant’s job is to set up Shopify marketing strategies to recover abandoned carts and recover lost revenue. However, with Shopify email marketing apps like Klaviyo and SmartrMail, cart recovery is a simpler process.

Merchants can now set up a series of abandoned cart recovery emails, including placeholders that show shoppers the products they have abandoned, to successfully decrease abandoned carts. This process is fully automated to run on its own, as soon as a shopper abandons their cart.

But, just setting up an automated abandoned cart email series isn’t enough! Your abandoned cart email needs to be well-written, optimized in design, readable, and actionable. In this blog, we want to help you craft emails that convert your abandoned carts into a successful purchase.

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Here are 10 abandoned cart email examples by eCommerce stores that have been able to successfully retrieve lost revenue.

10 Best Shopify Email Marketing Campaigns to Recover Abandoned Carts

1. Nike

This brand needs no introduction. With its bold advertisements and well-loved designs, Nike is everyone’s favorite footwear and activewear brand. Nike has a clean look across their websites, stores, and even marketing messages. The brand maintains a straightforward tone and clean email design within their abandoned cart message.

recover abandoned carts

What’s special: Nike keeps their message short and sweet. They use a catchy headline, show the product for easy recall and also include the price of the product, giving shoppers all the information they need to make a decision about the product before they click through to the store.

Action Items: Show the product that your shopper left behind for instant recall.

2. Quip

Quip is a brand that’s helping you brush your teeth better. They have designed the ideal electric toothbrush and have subscription models to help their customers keep their teeth in top condition.

cart recovery email

What’s special: Quip has kept their copy relevant to the product they sell. They’ve used clever yet compassionate words “We’re still here for your teeth” to get cart abandoners to read further. What’s more, they’ve included an offer to entice purchase— “get your first refill free up to $10”.

Action Items: Add a complimentary offer that doesn’t affect the cart value yet, it nudges the shopper to buy.


TOMS is a footwear brand known for its simple and fun designs. The brand has a quirky but giving personality and this is shown through their “One for one” campaign as well as their breezy messaging across social media and their stores.

straightforward email tone

What’s special: The email uses minimal but bright colors to grab the shopper’s attention. The copy is fun and quirky, reflecting the brand’s personality. TOMS also used urgency with phrases like “selling very, very fast”.

Under the “See My Cart” button, TOMS also provides their shoppers with different promotions— they inform shoppers about their free shipping offer, they give shoppers an idea about their charitable campaign, and they let shoppers see what’s on sale.

Action Items: Give shoppers different offers and promotional messages that they can choose from.

4. Adidas

Adidas is a sportswear brand that is known for its loyalty following. Their products, especially sports shoes, are well-built and their brand personality reflects an achiever. 

adidas email for cart recovery

What’s special: Adidas uses humor in their abandoned cart message. They provide the shopper with 2 buttons, giving them options on how to proceed with their cart. They also include reviews of the product within the email to assure the shopper of the product’s quality, increasing credibility.

Action Items: Provide 2 buttons to give shoppers more options with their cart.

5. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is a luxury fashion design house based out of America. It is known for its high price tags and high-quality merchandise.

discount for abandoned cart

What’s special: The first thing the shopper sees is the offer that Kate Spade is providing them, making them instantly want to buy the products they abandoned. The email also gives them “Check out now” links to each of the products they added to their cart to simplify their checkout.

Action Items: Give shoppers a discount that they can’t resist and make it the first thing they see when they open the email.

6. Wayfair

Wayfair is an online store for furniture, decor, and all things home. The brand is a leading seller in America, with a large inventory of products and 11,000 suppliers globally. 

reminder email

What’s special: With Wayfair, their abandoned cart recovery message has no frills. They remind the shopper of what they left by showing them a clear image of the product and using a straightforward tone in their copy. They also show top picks for the shopper, recommending them similar products they may be interested in.

Action Items: Show product recommendations to shoppers to get them to browse other products and stay on your Shopify store for longer, helping you recover your abandoned carts.

7. Bonobos

Bonobos is an online store that specializes in menswear. With a focus on designing dapper men’s suits, the brand is known for its humorous emails and lifestyle-rich blog.

witty email for cart recovery

What’s special: Bonobos clearly shows what they are about in any marketing messages they write. They reflect a fun, witty side in their abandoned cart email too. The main image may leave the shopper confused but the brand quickly reminds them that they have left their cart mid-purchase and uses humor to bring them back to finish shopping.

Action Items: If you’re known for your humor, keep your abandoned cart message witty and make your shoppers delighted to complete their purchase.

8. Winc

Winc is an eCommerce store that sells wine to shoppers as membership and as gifts. They make wine an experience by curating over a hundred wines and providing a personalized wine club experience to subscribers.

recover abandoned cart


What’s special: Winc keeps its messaging light and breeze. Their email is conversational but by the end of their copy, they promise a discount that shoppers can’t help but snatch up.

Action Items: Create a readability flow in your email that doesn’t distract your shopper with other elements. Create a promise > Provide a CTA > Show what products they forgot > Show the CTA again.

9. Farfetch

Farfetch is an online luxury platform that sells products designed by boutiques and brands across the world. Their variety in styles and brands makes them a great choice for every kind of shopper to buy from them, despite their varied fashion tastes.

recover abandoned carts

What’s special: Farfetch focuses on one strategy to bring back their shopper— free shipping. They give cart abandoners a chance to buy their “saved items” with a timely offer that makes them more likely to buy the product.

Action Items: Add a countdown timer as an urgency tactic to make your shoppers come back to your store faster.

10. Rudy’s

Rudy’s is an age-old barbershop that has been in the business since ’93. They took their expertise online with their guaranteed hair products to help shoppers keep their hair as nicely as Rudy’s does.

recover abandoned cart

What’s special: Shoppers who abandoned their cart first see “Your free shipping is about to expire”. This psychology trick is used by many eCommerce stores to create a FOMO within shoppers and helps Rudy’s to recover abandoned carts successfully.

Action Items: Let your shoppers know what they’ll miss out on if they don’t checkout soon. 

Recover Abandoned Carts Better with Analytics and Segments


Your job doesn’t end at optimizing your email copy and design. The reasons for abandonment are plenty and with a good analytics tool, you can understand why customers abandon their cart, which products are most likely to be abandoned, and which abandoned cart reminders are most effective in converting the shopper. Read more about how you can understand your shoppers using customer analytics.

RevTap is an analytics tool made for Shopify to help merchants get insights about their store and grab untapped opportunities for more revenue. The analytics tool uses AI to find patterns in your data, giving you actionable tips to improve your store performance. 

Use RevTap to reduce abandoned carts on your Shopify store. With the tool’s data, you can:

  • Optimize your store to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Improve your product pricing to reduce product-related abandonment.
  • Write better marketing messages to recover carts faster.
  • Understand customers’ motives for abandoning and send personalized messages accordingly.

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Get started with the smart analytics tool now!

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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