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Asiya Nayeem

7-Step Checklist to Identify and Convert Repeat Visitors Into Loyal Customers

It’s cheaper to bring back past customers than to acquire new ones. In fact, the success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.  

By focusing on your past customers and increasing customer retention rates by just 5%, you can increase profits by 25% to 95%!

This is why every growing Shopify store needs to focus on turning their repeat visitors into loyal shoppers. With the right strategy in place, you can easily convince past customers to make more purchases and increase conversions while bearing only a small cost.

But, what is the secret to turning your repeat visitors into loyal shoppers? We did the legwork and figured out the 7 steps you need to take to successfully turn your repeat visitors into loyal customers.

7 Ways to Turn Repeat Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Step 1: Use customer segments to identify your customer list

Before you start sending promotions to your repeat visitors, you need to identify them. Shopify analytics apps like RevTap have powerful customer segments that segment and display the kinds of customers you have. Using this feature, you can understand the different types of customers you have and pick out the segments that you want to target.

Install RevTap to understand your customers better.

These are a few common customer segments that have the potential to turn into loyal shoppers:

  • High AOV: Shoppers who have a high order value on each purchase.
  • Full Price Customers: Shoppers who bought products on your store at full price.
  • Discount Shoppers: Shoppers who bought items only when they are discounted.
  • Big-Ticket Spenders: Shoppers who bought highly-priced items.
  • Active Customers/ Repeat Customers: Shoppers who buy more frequently.

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Step 2: Understand these customers better

Before you can start sending campaigns and targeting these customers, you need to understand these shoppers. With RevTap, you can understand which traffic sources your customers are coming from, their favorite products on your Shopify store, and how different customer segments spend time on your Shopify store.

With this information, you can strategize your marketing strategies better and personalize them for better reach. 

You can also look into the ‘Checkout Reports’ on the analytics app to understand how shoppers checkout and flow through your Shopify store— where they drop-off, etc. This can allow you to optimize your on-site experience so that shoppers who are convinced to come back to your Shopify store through your campaigns don’t abandon your store mid-browse.

repeat customers

Step 3: Create a buyer persona of this customer segment

Now that you’ve identified these repeat visitors and their preferences, define each buyer persona, what these different types of customers are like, their shopping habits, etc. build their customer segment their interests, how they shop, etc

With your personas defined, you can understand your different shoppers better, create customized experiences, and set yourself up for better engagement.

customers persona

Step 4: Target customers with personalized promotions

Once you’ve created these personas, you can start setting up personalized promotions. Depending on the type of visitors, you can set up relevant campaigns. For instance, you may find repeat shoppers buying only during sales. You can send these shoppers discounts more frequently. 

Or, you may find a segment of shoppers buying low-priced items or ‘starter’ items on your Shopify store. Upselling and highlighting the benefits of your pricier items via an email campaign can successfully persuade these shoppers to buy more.

  • Set up up-sell and cross-sell campaigns

Send cross-sell messages to shoppers, suggesting items similar to what they were looking at or similar to what they previously bought. Since these recommendations will be highly relevant and in-line with the shopper’s interests, you can effectively engage them and bring them back to shop.

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  • Create exclusive newsletters

Use your segmented customer list to create exclusive newsletters based on the segment’s goals. For instance, you can send ‘Deal of the Week’ emails to discount-lovers or share product hacks to shoppers who seem to be highly engaged with your brand. 

Tailor your newsletters to each segment and monitor how your customers respond to communicate in a personalized manner.

  • Run ads to bring them back

Retargeting ads are a great way to show relevant product suggestions to your customers on platforms they frequent. Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads are powerful, letting you set up detailed and personalized ads. 

Further reading:

However, just setting up retargeting ads won’t do. You need to have a stellar ad strategy if you want your ads to perform well. Shopify ad experts are well-versed with the industry benchmarks and trends to help you set up ads that turn your repeat visitors into loyal shoppers.

You can get a free ad consultation from the Shopify ad experts at Spin. Book a free consultation now to set up high-converting ads!

  • Create content specifically for these loyal customers

Besides pushing your products, you also need to build a relationship with your customers. One of the best ways to do this is by creating content tailored to their needs. Create blogs, videos, quizzes, and visuals that talk about the problem you are focused on solving and provide free advice. 

For instance, if you sell fitness gear, you can create videos on quick workouts people can do. Fashion brands can create guides on how to dress well or how to dress when working from home.

Once you’ve published this content, you can share it with your customer list via your communication channels based on the interest they initially showed. 

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Step 5: Give them a reason to come back with a rewards program

Rewards programs allow you to keep your shoppers engaged, gamifying the experience on your Shopify store, and bringing them back time and again to take action. With a rewards program, shoppers would be excited to come back to earn and redeem rewards by ordering from your store and even perform actions like leaving a review or referring friends.

Shopify apps like Flits and LoyaltyLion allow you to set up customized rewards programs where you can pick the kind of actions for which shoppers can earn rewards and even set up tiers to enhance the loyalty experience. 

To increase repeat purchases, set up reward tiers like ‘Gold Customer’ and ‘Silver Customer’ for shoppers who buy frequently, making them feel special and incentivizing them to continue earning more and successfully climb up your reward tiers.

Step 6: Get feedback to improve your relationship with your customer

Your work doesn’t end at just selling. If you want long-lasting results, you need to understand the impact of your products and service on your customers. Get feedback from your repeat shoppers on how they enjoyed their experience with your Shopify store, your products, and even your messaging. 

This insight can allow you to tweak any issues that the shopper faced and allow you to deliver better experiences to them. Besides improving on your own strategy, getting feedback from your customers shows them you care, making them want to visit your brand and shop your products again.

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Step 7: Analyze campaign results and future shopping preferences

It’s time to optimize your strategy and tweak your future campaigns to maximize results. Using RevTap, you can look into how your campaigns performed, which campaign type brought in better results, and how your messaging influenced clicks. 

RevTap puts all your marketing performance data into one dashboard, letting you compare different campaigns and understand how these different campaigns perform. You can then use this to understand what elements of your campaign or message have worked and figure ways to improve them.

performance analytics - email optins - revtap

Install RevTap to analyze your marketing campaigns and optimize them to improve conversions.

Using your data, you can also identify new customer segments that you can turn into repeat shoppers and find new ways to continue engaging your customer list to bring them back sooner.

Convert repeat visitors into loyal customers to generate more sales easily

=We hope this checklist helps you prioritize your repeat visitors, tap into your data, and set up personalized promotions to successfully convert them into loyal customers. As a growing Shopify store in a saturated market, your Shopify store’s data is a great asset, helping you understand how to market better and identify the types of customers from whom you can earn more.

Analytics apps like RevTap help merchants understand their store performance with an integrated analytics dashboard. Using this dashboard, you can compare your marketing campaigns, understand which channels work best, and use this data to make better decisions and increase sales. 

Install RevTap to increase repeat purchases and build loyalty on your Shopify store!

Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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