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With the right strategies, you can sell your products better and ensure higher conversions. With this blog, we’re listing some of the best Shopify apps to help you sell your products more, from understanding your product performance to marketing products to improving store experiences.  

Understanding Your Performance

1. RevTap – Tap into product analytics

By understanding how shoppers are responding to your products, you can easily optimize your inventory and ensure your products sell better. Using RevTap, you can get an integrated look at your product analytics. Learn which products are selling well, which products are often abandoned in cart, which products are only bought on sale, etc. RevTap provides you with product segments to simplify your product analytics. 

Tap into this data to then optimize your inventory, price your products better, and maintain your product stocks. With data, you ensure that your store isn’t losing out on sales due to bad pricing or bad products.

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Increasing Visibility

2. Google Shopping – Boost organic growth

When shoppers are looking for a product, they first search for it on their search engines. You can make your products more discoverable with Shopify’s Google Shopping app. Using the app, you can ensure that your products come up within search results when shoppers are looking for similar products. 

Besides listing your products for free, you can also run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote your products across Google, from Youtube to website to the search engine.

3. Pinterest – Sell on Pinterest

One of the best Shopify apps is the Pinterest sales channel. This app allows you to upload your product catalog and publish Pins for items that you sell. From Pinterest, you can easily capture new shoppers through their search and tap into a new set of audience.

4. Amazon – Sell on Amazon

As one of the largest online marketplace, Amazon is a great sales channel for merchants to list their products and sell better. Install the Amazon sales channel on your Shopify store to create Amazon listings for your Shopify products, link your existing Amazon listings to your Shopify products, and manage sales from Amazon more easily.

Your Shopify dashboard will also give you an extensive analysis of the performance of your Amazon sales so that you can continuously improve your product listings on Amazon and ensure higher sales.

5. Instagram – Boost sales through Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms currently. Enable Instagram channel to sell your products better. Using this app, you can tag products. Shoppers can just click on the tag and they’ll be taken to the product listing on your store. This way, you can integrate your Instagram marketing with your product sales.

If you’re looking for more flexibility with your Instagram product tags and customizing your shoppable Instagram, install Cameo. This Shoppable Instagram app tag or link your products on your Instagram photos. You can also show this as a gallery on your store. Cameo provides multiple functionalities to enable Instagram within your Shopify store strategy.

6. Facebook – Sell on Facebook

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a must-have sales channel. Using this Shopify app, you can set up a Shop page on your Facebook profile and easily create ads through Shopify. 

best Shopify apps

Besides this, Facebook is also launching a native shopping experience very soon. With Facebook Shops, your shoppers can view your products and shop right through Facebook. Install the Facebook app and prepare your store to ensure that your audience on this large social platform can easily buy from you. Read more about the new feature.

This is one of the best Shopify apps and a priority for any store, whether you’re scaling up or starting up.

7. eBay – List your products on eBay

eBay’s global presence makes it a must-have for businesses who want to grow their brand’s footprint. Install eBay sales channel on your Shopify store to list your products, manage your orders on eBay, and attract a new audience.

Marketing to Your Shoppers

8. Spin – Free ad consultation

Just setting up an ad isn’t enough. Many Shopify stores run ads but very few see the kind of returns they should. Spin provides you with a custom ad strategy based on your needs and performance to help you set up high-converting social media and search ads for your Shopify store.

Ad experts at Spin have worked with brands to successfully increase their sales by 17% and drive up to 36% repeat purchases. You can get in touch with the ad experts and avail free ad consultation by booking an appointment here.

9. ActiveCampaign – Email marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to bring back shoppers and increase sales. One of the best Shopify apps for email is ActiveCampaign. Using this app, you can send targeted emails, segment your audience, and automate emails according to specific triggers.

ActiveCampaign also integrates with RevTap to allow you to use your customer segments to set up high-converting email campaigns.

10. Recart – Facebook Messenger

One of the best Shopify apps for Messenger marketing, Recart allows you to send campaigns via Messenger, set up automated Messenger campaigns for cart recovery, shipping messages, etc. It helps you leverage this smart channel to promote your products.

11. Txtcart – SMS Marketing

Set up SMS campaigns and recover carts using SMS with TxtCart. This is one of the best Shopify apps available for SMS marketing, providing a human touch to your text campaigns. TxtCart sends SMS to your shoppers using a human-powered process.

12. Firepush – Web push notifications

Send highly visible web push notifications to your shoppers using Firepush. Firepush is a Shopify app that enables web push marketing for your store, allowing you to send web push campaigns, recover abandoned carts, and earn more.

13. RetargetApp – Bring back shoppers with contextual ads

If you’re looking for an app to set up ads to bring back shoppers to your store, RetargetApp is your go-to Shopify app. Using this, you can set up automated social ads for upsell, abandoned cart, cross-sell. The app also provides you with data to help you optimize your ad performance and ensure higher conversions.

Best Shopify Apps

14. Growave – personalized recommendations

You can’t simply plan to grow your online store by setting up campaigns to attract new customers only. You need to drive as many repeat purchases as well. That’s where Growave comes in. It enables you to set up high-converting customer loyalty programs where you can bring back shoppers to win rewards for different types of actions – leaving a product review, rating their recent purchase, sharing their purchase or recommending your store to another shopper, and more.

customer rewards with growave

Sales Optimization

15. WISER – personalized recommendations 

Personalized homepage promotions influenced 85% of consumers to buy while personalized shopping cart recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online. Set up personalized recommendations to smartly nudge your shoppers to products they are highly likely to buy using WISER. WISER is a Shopify app that makes it easy for you to show recommendations that are relevant to each shopper.

16. ModeMagic – Product labels

When shoppers are browsing through a store, they end up scrolling past many products that they would buy because there were no visual cues capturing their attention. Use product labels on your Shopify store using ModeMagic.

From ‘New Arrivals’ to ‘Low stock’, these product labels can help you instantly capture shoppers’ attention and guide them to make a purchase.

17. Back in Stock – Avoid stockouts

Stockouts cause many shoppers to lose out on capturing new shoppers and increasing sales. Set up Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app to allow shoppers to subscribe to stocked out products. These shoppers will then receive a message through the communication channel of their choice when the product is back in stock. This way, you can capture shoppers and ensure they come back when your product is available.

best Shopify apps

18. Volume Discounts – Incentivize shoppers with discounts

Allow shoppers to buy in bulk by incentivizing them with volume discounts! With volume discounts, your shoppers will feel more motivated to shop from you, helping you increase order value. Install Volume & Discounted Pricing app to set up custom volume discounts and boost sales in no time.

Best Shopify Apps

19. Sales Pop – Show real-time sales

Showing live sales on your Shopify store can show your shoppers how popular your store is and make them take quicker action on a product they are interested in. You can install Sales Pop Up on your Shopify store and configure it to show real-time notifications on your store as your shopper browses.

Best Shopify Apps

20. Countdown Timer – Build urgency

Sometimes, all your shoppers need is a strong nudge to shop. Set up a countdown timer with this Shopify app and build urgency around your products. You can add a countdown timer for products that are running out soon or products that are limited edition so that shoppers will be quicker to shop. 

Urgency has proven to increase sales. A countdown timer is just the tactic you need to set up to boost conversions.

21. ReConvert – Optimize your thank you page 

Your Shopify store’s thank you page has a lot of potential to sell more products. Optimize your thank you page to show upsell and cross-sell offers to your customers and increase your repeat purchases. 

ReConvert is a Shopify app designed to help you leverage your thank you page. Using this app, you can customize your thank you page, show upsell and cross-sell messages, and build urgency with discount pop-ups. This is a guaranteed way to nudge shoppers to make repeat purchases!

Improving store experience 

22. Flits – Personalized Customer Account

Provide your shoppers will a personalized customer account to make it easier for them to reorder products, view their wishlist, and see their recently viewed products. Flits is a Shopify app that allows you to deliver a custom experience for your shoppers, ensuring they can view products they have expressed interest in easily and purchase them quickly.

23. Delightchat – Omnichannel support inbox 

In today’s day and age, brands and their customers are online and active on every channel. Providing fast, friendly and helpful support is the default expectation to deliver a great store experience to the consumer.

With DelightChat’s omnichannel support inbox, you can respond to customer queries from every channel – Facebook Messenger, Facebook post & ad comments, Instagram post & ad comments, WhatsApp, Email, and Live Chat – on one dashboard. No more switching between tabs and apps to manage conversations. You can also monitor all your team members and their interactions with customers and jump in if they need help with a particular conversation.

An easy-to-use interface, powerful features, and affordable pricing make DelightChat the best choice for modern eCommerce & DTC brands to deliver delightful support experiences for online shoppers.


24. Search Filters Recommendations – Improve site navigation

Online shoppers seek instant gratification. This includes their need to reach the products they’re looking for, with ease. To enable this, your store needs to offer a great search option. Whether a shopper is making a search with a product name, type, category or brand, your store should be able to display the right products to them.

With the Searchly – Search and Filters app, you can offer advanced search functionalities such as instant search, synonym search – all with a high typo-tolerance. The app also enables you to set up advanced filters to let shoppers go through the search results easily, find the products they’re looking for and also see recommendations that match their interest.

search filters and recommendations on revtap

25. Virtooal – Virtual try ons 

If you sell wearable products like cosmetics, jewellery, glasses, or clothes, you can enable virtual experiences to allow shoppers to “try out” products before making a purchase. Having this experience will allow shoppers to make a better and informed decision and they will be more likely to trust and choose your brand when shopping.

Virtooal has 2 apps for merchants— Glasses & Accessories Try‑On and Decorative Cosmetics Try‑On.

26. Loox – Display photo reviews

Shoppers want to see reviews and pictures of the products they are planning to buy. In fact, 91% of consumers between the age of 18 to 34 are big believers of online reviews, trusting them as much as personal recommendations.

Enable a review app like Loox to allow your customers to review and upload pictures of the product. This way, your shoppers can read about the product and see how it looks before purchasing it.

Besides Loox, there are also other review apps available for Shopify merchants to choose from, including and Photo Reviews & Testimonials app.

Best Shopify Apps

27. Tidio – Live chat

Many shoppers end up not purchasing from a store because they couldn’t clear the queries they had or find the right size for them. With a live chat, you can easily solve this problem.

Install Tidio to reply to customer queries instantly and increase sales by as much as 40%! Tidio also allows you to set up a bot to reply to common questions, ensuring automated replies, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Best Shopify Apps

28. Privy – Capture shoppers at exit intent

Convert your store visitors before they leave your store by enabling a pop-up at exit intent. Using Privy, you can set up exit-intent pop-ups that are sure to turn your one-time visitors into subscribers. You can then convert these subscribers into customers with targeted marketing campaigns. This is one of the best Shopify apps to capture shoppers as subscribers.

Best Shopify Apps

29. Plobal – Native Mobile App – Cater to mobile shoppers

Make it easier for your shoppers to purchase from you by catering to their needs. There are more shoppers making purchases on mobile. In fact, by 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.

Install Plobal – Native Mobile App to set up a native mobile app for your Shopify store. You can customize the design of your mobile app and provide a unique experience to your shoppers. A native mobile app can help you build loyalty and retain customers, increasing repeat purchases and providing shoppers with a positive and personalized experience to shop your products.

Best Shopify Apps

Ready to sell more products with the best Shopify apps?

We hope this list of the best Shopify apps helps you understand how products sell, optimize your strategy, and increase your conversions.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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