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Vanhishikha Bhargava

Best Shopify Apps For BFCM And Holiday Season Marketing

best shopify apps for bfcm and holiday season marketing

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year. That’s a lot of reasons to celebrate and shop online. In fact, most Shopify merchants see a peak in their store traffic and sales during this period. But some of them do get lost in all the noise despite offering the best deals and discounts to shoppers.

Now you can’t stop other stores from offering discounts. You can’t stop shoppers from exploring other deals.

So how do you stand out and ensure that you’re selling more this BFCM?

By understanding your shoppers, identifying market opportunities and using the best Shopify apps to do it all!

Boost your sales with the best Shopify apps 

1. RevTap 

The very first step to creating a BFCM or holiday season marketing strategy is to understand shoppers and how your products have been performing. Your store and marketing data has a lot to tell you when it comes to market opportunities to increase your sales. But diving into Google Analytics, Facebook and all the tools and platforms you’re using can be overwhelming at this point in time.

RevTap connects with your store, Google Analytics, and other marketing tools, bringing all your data onto one dashboard. It then analyzes all your data and turns them into easy-to-consume actionable reports. Read our blog on how to use data to optimize your BFCM strategy.

product analytics segments

  • Performance Report: Identify which channels are driving in maximum traffic and leading to conversions, sales and revenue for your store.
  • Product Report: Get an overview of how your products are performing with smart segments – hot-selling, most profitable, most abandoned, top organic search and more.
  • Customer Report: Create 24+ smart segments based on how shoppers engage with your brand and their purchase behavior.

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2. Shogun 

An expert Shopify design and development agency, XgenTech, shared that one of the smartest growth hacks a store can use to get more sales, is creating a pre-launch page. The BFCM pre-launch page gives them a headstart, securing purchases and gives them an opportunity to build their audience even before the noise on social media begins.

Shogun is a landing page builder that enables you to quickly set up a web page to promote your BFCM deals. You can use this space to let shoppers know of the brands that will be on discount, the top-selling products that will be included and the maximum discounts they will be able to avail. You can also choose to offer an early-bird discount to those who sign up for your newsletter.

How does a pre-launch page help you increase sales?

  • Gives you an early headstart against competitors
  • Gives you an opportunity to build your audience
  • Gives you the chance to get early feedback on your discounts and deals

3. WooHoo 

As you start driving more traffic to your website, you will see a lot of shoppers leave without making any kind of interaction. They don’t subscribe to your newsletters, they don’t create an account and they leave without making a purchase or even a wishlist. This behaviour escalates during BFCM and holiday marketing, owing to the innumerable deals being offered to them. That’s why you need to nudge an interaction.

But ditch age-old tactic of using an email popup to offer a discount code in lieu of their email address. They’re going to get BFCM deals either way! Instead, throw in gamification to engage these deal shoppers instantly with WooHoo.

bfcm sale email popup

How does a gamified email popup help you?

  • Grow your email list during BFCM
  • Improve on-site user engagement
  • Reduce the bounce rate from product pages
  • Boost brand recall with the unique shopper experience

4. Flashchat 

Not all shoppers who come to your store will subscribe to your email list. Considering the number of brands that will be running the BFCM sale, it’s only obvious why they wouldn’t want to choke their inbox with endless deals. They’d rather check them all out on their own, without being pushed to do so.

But leaving it to them to come back to your store when your BFCM sale is live, is risking a customer. That’s where you can give shoppers a way to subscribe to updates on the Messenger using Flashchat. By establishing this channel of communication, you get to reach out to shoppers where they remain the most active and use it even during the BFCM sale.

How can you use Messenger marketing to improve your sales?

  • Grow your social media following and list
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Send timely reminders of the BFCM sale
  • Upsell, cross-sell and recommend products

5. PushOwl 

Some shoppers will choose to subscribe to your newsletters. Others will optin to receive updates on the Facebook Messenger. But what about those shoppers who aren’t sure if they’re going to make a purchase from your store? Who doesn’t want to share their contact information just yet?

That’s where you can use an app like PushOwl to offer shoppers a way to subscribe via web push notifications. The shopper can choose to receive all BFCM discount and deal updates without having to share their email address, with a single-click optin. Web push notifications have become a promising channel for customer engagement.

bfcm web push notifications

How can you use web push notifications?

  • Grow your subscriber list
  • Send BFCM sale alerts to create urgency
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Promote hot-selling products
  • Promote under-selling products

6. Referral Candy 

Did you know that one happy customer is more than willing to share their positive experience with at least nine others? But this word of mouth promotion doesn’t happen on its own. You need to nudge your customers to participate and give them a good reason too. That’s where a referral program comes in and what better time than the BFCM sale to leverage this marketing tactic.

Referral Candy enables you to set up a referral program in minutes. Offer incentives to your shoppers and customers to help you spread the word about your discounts and deals. You could offer an additional discount on their next purchase during the BFCM sale in lieu of referring their friends to your store.

How can a referral program help increase your sales?

  • Referred customers are 8x more likely to convert during the sale
  • Referred customers have a higher average order value
  • Referred customers have a higher customer lifetime value resulting in long-term revenue
  • Brings down your customer acquisition costs

7. Typito 

The BFCM sale is about going all out. Not just in terms of the discounts you’re offering on products. It also includes how you’re presenting those discounts and products, and making them stand out from all the others. That’s where creating product videos and using them across your marketing strategy comes into play.

Typito enables you to do more with your product images and create videos. Add text, motion graphic effects and more to promote your BFCM sale, give sneak peeks or showcase product features in video ads.

Typito for BFCM (gif)

How can videos help you get more sales?

  • Makes the ad stand out and engage shoppers instantly
  • Boosts brand recall bringing shoppers back to your store
  • Conveys your brand story and product features better

8. ReConvert 

You’ve convinced a shopper to purchase from your store with a kickass BFCM deal. But when did you hear someone say they’ve done enough online shopping for the day? You can always reconvert this newly acquired customer – even before they leave your website; without you having to reach out to them with retargeting ads.

ReConvert helps you optimize your Shopify thank you page to do more. It enables you to embed videos sharing more about your BFCM sale, recommend similar products based on the purchase, nudge another sale with a time-sensitive offer, display tracking information, collect more information about the shopper and more.

shopify thank you page

How does optimizing a Shopify thank you page help increase sales?

  • An existing customer is 8x more likely to reconvert and purchase more
  • Time-sensitive, exclusive discounts can stimulate FOMO, nudging more purchases
  • An ideal time for upselling and cross-selling of products, saving you retargeting ad budgets

9. Spently 

Now you can’t hold back a shopper forever. But as long as your BFCM sale is on, you can drive them back to your store time and again to make more purchases. That’s where email serves as a great 1:1 marketing channel to keep this customer engaged and nudge them to make more purchases while the prices are slashed.

Spently enables merchants to leverage Shopify notification emails as a stand-alone sales channel using marketing components, and follow up sequences. Recover abandoned carts, follow up customers after purchases with product recommendations or shipping information and more, with ease.

How does email marketing increase your BFCM sales?

  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Upsell and cross-sell products
  • Send product recommendations

10. TxtCart 

Your shoppers are not always using the internet. Think about the times they step out with friends to take a break. But your BFCM sale is time-sensitive and you need to ensure they know that the deals are about to end. That’s where reaching out to them on text still works wonders.

TxtCart helps Shopify stores sell more with conversational SMS marketing. Set up automated text message campaigns to promote your BFCM discounts, send reminders of the sale, recover carts and more. Reach shoppers where they are the most active!

How does SMS marketing help increase your sales?

  • Promote your BFCM sale discounts and deals
  • Send BFCM sale reminders
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Send shipping notifications for customer engagement

11. RetargetApp 

You could be running multiple paid campaigns across different platforms. But most online shoppers don’t convert on their first visit. Now during BFCM, there’s a high chance that when a visitor leaves your store, they get distracted by a competitor’s deal. Or worse, they might even forget about what you’re offering. That’s where effective retargeting comes into play to turn these shoppers into customers.

RetargetApp helps you set up retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram in minutes. The Shopify app automatically adjusts the daily budget, audience, and bid to make sure the campaign remains relevant and is cost-effective.

How does retargeting help you increase sales?

  • It helps you promote your BFCM sale to a pre-qualified audience
  • It brings down your cost of customer acquisition
  • It helps you recover abandoned carts
  • It helps you promote relevant deals, discounts or even products from your BFCM sale

Getting ready for BFCM with the best Shopify apps 

BFCM and the holiday season are your chances to maximize the sales and the profits you make through your store. But with cut-throat competition, it is important to follow a strategized approach and plan ahead – and we’re not just talking about the discounts you’re going to offer.

You need to take into account your target market, your ideal shoppers and the competition, to create a BFCM marketing strategy that actually works. And it all begins with data!

Ready to give your BFCM sale a competitive edge? 
Let’s start by putting your store and marketing data to use with RevTap.

Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha is the Head of Content and Partnerships at RevTap. You'll usually find her hunting for strategies and tools to enable eCommerce businesses to sell more. At other times, you'll find her testing them and writing about them with a cup of coffee.

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