Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

Email Marketing Best Practices For Higher CTR To Increase Shopify Sales

Email may be an old channel but it’s still helping brands generate revenue. It provides Shopify merchants with a personal platform to communicate with their audience better. It was found that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you have an average ROI of $42. But, not every email marketing strategy is going to reap such great profits. Shopify stores with a successful email marketing setup have taken the time and effort, following email marketing best practices to maximize their marketing efforts and increase conversion. 

Here are 9 email marketing best practices that we believe will help you create a marketing strategy that converts!

9 Email Marketing Best Practices to Increase Shopify Sales

1. Write a killer subject line

Your subject line is a crucial part of ensuring higher open rates. A good subject line is crisp and engaging enough to make the shopper click through. There are a few tactics you can use when writing a subject line. 

For one, your subject line should make your shoppers curious enough to open your email. Many brands use clickbait to make this happen. “You won’t believe this super soft…” is an example of clickbait that just makes you want to know what the rest of the email is about.

You can even use the subject line to incite urgency, with phrases like “Act now!” and “Only for 24 hours”.  This tactic works especially well with sales and limited offers. Don’t forget to use parameters to show the subscriber’s name within the subject line and personalize it. 

2. Learn from the experts

If you’re just setting up your email marketing strategy, you may want to take lessons from the experts. Really Good Emails collates emails sent by top brands, giving email marketers enough inspiration to create their own high-converting emails. 

You can also subscribe to emails sent by leaders in your industry so that you can get an idea of how brands in your industry communicate with their shoppers. Doing this research can help you find your email marketing voice and allow you to increase your revenue with this channel.

Further Reading: Shopify’s blog has a teardown of Casper’s email marketing strategy to help you send better emails.

3. Set up automation

There is a limitation to your one-off campaigns and product promotions. They just aren’t personalized enough. Automation is a powerful solution for this. Instead of relying on email campaigns to bring in sales, set up automated emails that are sent based on your shopper’s activity on your store. Here are a few automated email ideas that assure higher conversions:

  • Cart abandonment emails remind your shoppers about the product they left in their cart. You can set up a series of 3 reminders to convert the cart into a purchase.
  • Browser abandonment emails nudge shoppers to pick up their browsing from where they last left it. The shopper will be reminded about the last product they looked at and you can attempt to bring these interested visitors back to your Shopify store.
  • Welcome series emails allow you to give your new subscriber a formal introduction to your store and engage them while they are still interested. Most email apps allow you to set up this welcome flow from scratch so that you can customize it to your preferences.
  • Cross-sell emails are automatically sent to a shopper who brought a product from your Shopify store. This email recommends a product that goes well with the product that the customer just bought.
  • Transactional emails are usually set up for most Shopify stores. These emails inform the customer about order confirmation, shipping update, order delivery, order refund, etc. These emails have higher open rates because they convey relevant information to the customer.

4. Tackle your biggest problems first

A lot of Shopify stores often make the mistake of going to their email marketing strategy from top to bottom. While this is great, it is time-consuming. A smart way to tackle your email marketing is by approaching it with the biggest challenge you see with your store. For some, this may be cart abandonment and for others, it may be retaining one-time purchase customers. 

Once you know what problem you want to focus on, you can create an email campaign for it, test it, set it up, and optimize the campaign. For cart abandonment, this may be testing out different tactics like discount ladders or using urgency in your copy. Once you have gone through this process, you can be more confident tackling the smaller problems or even just sending one-off campaigns.

5. Keep your email subscriber list clean

Your email list is bound to get bulky, with high unsubscribers. Many brands even fall into the ‘Spam’ folder and everyone knows just how scary that is! Many email marketing strategies forget to include the one important part of their job— cleaning their email list. 

By cleaning your email list, you can focus on marketing to the people that are responding to your marketing, avoid being associated with spam, and increase your open and click rates. 

Cleaning your email list includes removing email addresses that have unsubscribed from your list, correct email address typos, and delete duplicate addresses. While cleaning your email list, it’s also a good practice to try re-engaging old subscribers one last time. 

Further Reading: Optinmonster has a complete guide to email scrubbing.

6. Make your emails mobile-friendly

68% of email campaigns are being opened on a mobile device. So, if you aren’t optimizing your emails for mobile devices, you are alienating a large portion of your subscribers. Making your emails mobile-friendly is straightforward. 

For starters, your copy needs to be shorter, especially your subject lines. Your image and buttons shouldn’t be running out of your page. Mobiles and desktops are of different sizes and despite you designing your email on mobile, you must test the email on different devices, especially mobile before you send it out.

Further Reading: Copyblogger has a great blog on how you can make your email mobile-friendly. 

7. Write copy that reflects who you are.

The copy that you use in your email marketing must sound like you. Ensure that your copy is well-written and aligns with your brand personality and voice. The brand personality test is a quick quiz that can help you define your voice and create copy that resonates with your audience. 

However, writing great copy is no small feat. It takes multiple drafts and revisions to get it right. Put aside a day when writing your email copy, especially if it’s your first set of emails. Once you nail your copy, the process of writing your emails will get quicker.

Further Reading: Campaign Monitor has an excellent guide to writing copy that sells.

8. Test out different email styles

Never stick to one style of email! As a Shopify store, you have a lot to offer and you need to be promoting these within your email. One email marketing best practice is to promote your rewards program, a specific collection, wishlists, new products, etc. If your shopper only gets a specific type of email, they are sure to get bored of interacting with your promotions. 

Further Reading: Optimonster has the guide to 13 types of emails you need to be sending your email list.

Moreover, if you’re really focusing on refining your email marketing, try A/B testing. This helps you understand how your shoppers respond to specific parts of your email. You can test which subject line performs better, whether shoppers like their name being used in a subject line, the way you write your copy, etc.

9. Use analytics to optimize your emails 

Always measure the performance of your emails to understand what’s working and what isn’t. You must be looking at your analytics to ensure you are maximizing your profits through this channel. Your analytics will tell you how your shoppers are responding to your emails and what kind of emails work better.

Besides your email analytics, your store analytics are a goldmine of insights. It can give you ideas on what kind of campaigns you should send and help you tap into new opportunities to increase your revenue. RevTap’s comprehensive analytics dashboard shows you detailed metrics on store and marketing performance from on-site behavior to marketing channel data. Using this, you can learn what kind of email campaigns you need to be focusing on.

performance analytics - email optins - revtap

RevTap also takes in your store’s performance and creates product and customer segments so that you can use it to create marketing campaigns that align with your Shopify store. 

Ready to create email marketing strategies that increase your CTR?

We hope these 9 email marketing best practices helped you set up a marketing strategy that converts. Ensure that you are constantly optimizing your email marketing strategy to maximize your efforts.

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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