Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava

Why Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics Aren’t Enough to Understand Your Customers and Product Performance

Merchants find the best app solutions for every aspect of their store management— from inventory to marketing to sales. There’s one part of store management, however, that often goes overlooked by merchants. With in-built Shopify analytics on their dashboard, store owners often settle with these existing eCommerce analytics tools or enable Google Analytics to monitor and understand how their store is growing.

Unfortunately, these eCommerce analytics tools aren’t covering your bases. This means that as a store owner, you end up blindsided to the finer details about your store’s data and miss out on opportunities to drive more traffic and revenue. 

Let’s dive into the challenges that you face with uncovering store data with Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics and how you can tackle it with RevTap.

Challenges that Merchants Face with Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics

While your good old Google Analytics and in-built Shopify analytics provide you with insights on how your store is performing, they don’t provide you with a comprehensive, contextual, and holistic view to your data. Here are 6 challenges that you may run into with these two analytics tools:

1. Unable to compare marketing data from different platforms

Sure, your Shopify apps tell you how your email, SMS, web push, or Facebook Messenger promotions are performing. They give you open rates, CTR, and revenue generated. But, all your marketing efforts need to be compared to each other. 

Both Google Analytics and your in-built Shopify analytics don’t show your marketing channels in comparison with each other. So, you’ll need to do the manual work yourself to understand which channel brings more revenue, which one has more subscribers, and which one you need to improve.

2. No industry benchmarks to compare

A 10% clickthrough rate sounds like a low performing marketing campaign until you find out that other eCommerce stores selling similar products see even lower CTR. Industry benchmarks are crucial to help you understand where you stand in your store and marketing performance.

Both Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics do not show you how your store is performing in comparison to the industry benchmarks. This means that often times, you end up trying to fix low data points without knowing if that is the norm for you.

3. Lack of AI-powered insights

As a merchant, you just don’t have enough time to sieve through multiple data points, find patterns, and pick up opportunities to improve your store or your marketing. Your traditional eCommerce analytics tools only show you numbers. It doesn’t tell you what to do next. It’s a time-consuming activity that would require you to hire an analytics specialist. Or, a better eCommerce analytics tool that delivers AI-driven insights! 

4. Google Analytics doesn’t show where your revenue comes from

Revenue is the central goal of any business, eCommerce and otherwise. Where revenue comes from is, then, your priority. Despite its detailed data reports, Google Analytics fails to give you a thorough look into how your revenue is generated, which makes it difficult for merchants to understand their next steps.

5. Google Analytics doesn’t have customer data

Knowing the different types of customers you have can help you better target your marketing messages to them and in turn, convert them better. Understanding your customers and identifying their buying patterns can impact the kind of marketing and store optimization decisions you make. 

Unfortunately, Google Analytics isn’t an eCommerce-specific tool and so, it doesn’t generate reports on the kinds of customers you have. Lack of this insight within your analytics tool leaves you blindsided to customer-related opportunities you could tap into.

6. Shopify Analytics doesn’t track on-site behavior

Understanding how a store visitor interacts with and flows through your store can help you learn what you need to optimize on your store. With on-site behavior, you can get insights like where visitors drop off, how long they stay on your site and other data points that simplify your task of improving your Shopify store. 

But, the inbuilt Shopify analytics don’t show on-site behavior so most merchants don’t end up losing out on understanding where their store lacks.

Why Use RevTap to Understand Customer and Product Performance?

Tackling these challenges isn’t easy. But, RevTap has understood the pain points of merchants and built this comprehensive eCommerce analytics tool to minimize merchant challenges with their data and help them focus on what matters— store growth and revenue generation. 

Here are 10 reasons RevTap is the #1 choice for growing eCommerce businesses: 

1. Built for eCommerce analytics

Unlike Google Analytics, RevTap is built specifically for eCommerce businesses. The app focuses on helping you understand your store’s performance better by taking your data and turning it into information about how customers shop from you, which products sell better, and how your marketing campaigns impact sales. 

RevTap takes a focused approach to make eCommerce analytics more accessible for store owners.

2. Never worry about collating your store’s data

RevTap is your analytics specialist, taking over the time-consuming task of collating your data. You can put away your spreadsheets and calculators with this smart eCommerce analytics tool and just focus on increasing your revenue. 

RevTap puts all your analytics in one place— site behavior, traffic sources, Shopify apps, customer segments, and product performance, to name a few.

 3. Get actionable insights based on RevTap’s AI

RevTap doesn’t just show you data about your store in a unified manner. It also understands your data and identifies patterns to deliver smart actionable recommendations on how you can maximize your performance and revenue.

RevTap’s AI is designed to ensure you are tapping into new opportunities, increasing your revenue and helping you grow. 

4. Understand what brings more revenue

Knowing your revenue flow is a critical part of any eCommerce business. RevTap shows how your revenue is being generated, which marketing campaigns are bringing in more revenue, which products are selling better, and other data points on your sales. 

You can use this revenue report to help you focus more on what works and optimize what doesn’t. Whether this is repeat purchases or a sales channel, your revenue report can help you find untapped opportunities to earn more. 

5. Learn about on-site behavior to understand how customers navigate through your store 

RevTap shows you how your shoppers navigate through your store, which pages cause them to exit your site, how long they stay on your Shopify store and other insights about their on-site behavior. Using this, you can optimize your Shopify store to maximize time spent on your store like improving pages that are leading to higher bounces.

6. Get detailed reports on how each product performs

With data about how your products sell, you can avoid overstocking or running out of stock. RevTap’s product reports show patterns of how your products sell so that you can understand why some products sell less and put a spotlight on your bestsellers.

RevTap gives you a thorough understanding of how your products sell so that you aren’t just stocking up inventory or promoting certain products without any reasoning behind it.

7. Understand how customers shop from you

RevTap creates customer segments that help you understand the different types of customers that shop for you. Having this can help you send more targeted promotions to customers and market your products smartly. 

For instance, you can send messages about price drop or storewide sales to a segment of customers who only shop when products are at a discounted price. Having customer segments is a powerful way to make your marketing campaigns matter.

8. Compare different marketing platforms without hassle

Knowing how each marketing channel is performing is important. But you also need to be able to tell which platform is bringing in more subscribers, clicks, and revenue. RevTap makes it simpler to compare all your marketing channels in one place with its comprehensive dashboard.

This way, you aren’t switching multiple tabs to understand which marketing channel you need to churn out more campaigns on and which one to optimize.

9. Get contextual data without having to connect the dots yourself

Your data should also be able to tell you how different products sell. For instance, you may have some products that only sell as upsells or some products that only sell during a sale. RevTap shows you how your products sell, at which price points customers convert, and how different marketing campaigns compare.

This comprehensive dashboard is packed with data that tells a lot about how, where, and why your store and your marketing generates revenue the way it does. 

10. Compare your store’s performance to industry benchmarks

Besides showing your data in a comprehensive dashboard, RevTap also shows where your clickthrough rates, revenue from marketing campaigns, ad ROI, etc should be. Having industry benchmarks to compare to makes it easier for merchants to gauge how far they are from their goal and let them know whether their campaigns are optimized enough.

Get started with RevTap today!

Want to make good use of your analytics with RevTap’s comprehensive dashboard and AI-driven insights? Start using RevTap now and focus on boosting store growth!

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha is the Head of Content and Partnerships at RevTap. You'll usually find her hunting for strategies and tools to enable eCommerce businesses to sell more. At other times, you'll find her testing them and writing about them with a cup of coffee.

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