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Asiya Nayeem

Guide to eCommerce Storytelling in Shopify Facebook Ads

A great story can change how you think. In eCommerce, the better your brand and product story, the higher your chances of converting your target audience. This is especially important in your Shopify Facebook ads since your audience will only click and continue browsing your store if the ad is compelling enough.

According to a new study, campaigns that tell a brand story before asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than ones that focus immediately on encouraging people to take action.

By weaving a story into your Shopify Facebook ads, you can better connect with your shoppers, make them feel for your products, and make them understand exactly how your brand fits into their life. 

With this blog, we’ve simplified the approach of storytelling in Shopify Facebook ads, by providing you with 8 tactics you can use to make your ads captivating and click-worthy to potential customers of your Shopify store.

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6 Best Practices for eCommerce Storytelling in Shopify Facebook Ads

1. Empathize with your customers

More than anything, shoppers want to feel understood. Empathize with your customers and weave your Shopify Facebook ad around this empathy you have for them. You can use your ad copy to talk about how you understand your target audience, their struggles, needs, and problems.

Alikay Naturals uses this supportive tone in their ad, making the story about the customer. This way, the ad feels more genuine for your consumer and they would come away feeling more confident about themselves and viewing you as a brand that has their back.

Shopify Facebook ads

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2. Show customers the effort you’ve put into solving their problems

Who doesn’t love to see results? If your products have been tried and tested to achieve successful results, talk about it in your ad copy. Shoppers want to know exactly why your product deserves their dollars. 

By spelling it out in your Shopify Facebook ads, your target audience would be more likely to choose you over your competitors. This shouldn’t just be an arbitrary list of benefits. Make it interesting by structuring your copy to keep your audience hooked. 

For instance, Wow Skin Science runs ads on products that are scientifically proven to work. They use these results in their ad copy. Here are a few things this brand got right:

  • The ad starts with a short phrase ‘What it does’ to take the guesswork out of the ad. Shoppers will see this and instantly want to know more.
  • They add 2 solid benefits of using their product while keeping their language as simple and straightforward as possible.
  • Lastly, they talk about what the product is made out of so that their consumers are aware of their eco-friendly stance.

Shopify Facebook ads

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3. Paint a picture of how your product makes a difference

What’s special about your product? Let your shoppers know how your product should worth their time by painting a pretty picture. Instead of just telling your shoppers that you have a product they would enjoy, make it more interesting by describing the product, how it came about, and why it matters. Use a conversational tone and hype your products to elicit a positive response.

Such an angle to your ad’s narrative is especially helpful if you’ve launched a product that is in demand during this period. 

Levi’s Facebook ads about their face masks create relief for their shoppers, talking about how their product solves a requirement while appeasing the shopper. 

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4. Keep your message simple and memorable

Oftentimes, a well-knit story is as short and sweet as a handful of words. Using as few words as possible, you can make your shoppers aware of what your brand does by weaving into a catchy and memorable message.

Here’s an example from REN Skincare. Their ad copy uses 4 adjectives to describe how their product helps shoppers. With just these 4 descriptors, the brand was able to capture the interest of their audience.

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5. Use video to stitch your story

Some stories are best told in video format. 71% of consumers find Facebook video ads relevant or highly relevant, making video ads a great investment for brands everywhere. You can create something as simple as a how-to ad about using your product or a brand story video about how you come up with your products. 

Frank Skincare creates videos that are published on their social page and later boosted as an ad. This video ad, especially, creates an impact. Here are 3 ways the video ad nails the product story:

  • The video shows a shopper who uses the product, just like any other shopper. Seeing another face make it easier for audiences to relate to the brand’s message.
  • They use fun and lively tones like pastel pink and an easy to read font to create a pleasing vibe.
  • The brand isn’t afraid to make their video goofy and quirky to ensure their audience keeps watching.

Brightening Vitamin C Mask.

Secret's out. I'm revealing a brand new product: My Brightening Vitamin C Mask. It's an active, exfoliating mask made with native Australian ingredients. So you can reveal brighter, clearer skin. Wink.Shop my new mask: & tag a babe to share my juicy secret with. 🍊

Posted by Frank Body on Sunday, March 22, 2020

As a brand, you don’t need a large production cost or an expensive videographer to create your video. Shopify apps like Typito are built for video creation. This drag-and-drop video maker allows stores to put their footage together, add music, text, and effects to eventually come up with a well-crafted video!

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6. Use ad copy that addresses the customer directly

Who doesn’t like a story that’s addressed to them personally? Use first-person language in your Facebook ad to make the ad all about your customer. Such copy is especially effective when you’re talking about a successful story. 

Let’s take, for instance, this ad by Frank Body. Their ad’s copy takes a first-person approach, talks about how the product brought better results for “me”. With such language, your consumer will see the ad and put themselves in the shoes of the person being referenced.

eCommerce storytelling

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7. Talk about the ways your brand impacts the world

Some stories make you feel like a tiny part of a massive and impressive endeavor. This works well for Harry Potter fans and even for your customers who have played a role in the charitable efforts you’ve set up.

Make your brand more appealing to new shoppers and even bring back old customers by talking about the impact you create. Whether you have sustainable brand goals or whether you give a portion of your earnings to charity, make this the central theme of your brand’s story!

TenTree plants trees using the profits from their products. Their Facebook ads tap into this charitable angle to relate to shoppers and drive them to browse the brand’s products. 

eCommerce storytelling

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8. Demonstrate why your product works

Show, don’t tell— this is a phrase commonly used to advise people on how to craft a story. Why not apply this trusty rule to  Facebook ads for your Shopify store?

You can use your ad asset to show how your product works. There are 2 ways to do this. One way is to show how the product can be assembled or used by your consumer through a video. This video will help the consumer see just how easy, effective, or helpful your product would be to them. 

Here’s a video created by Sleepy Owl Coffee to show their users how they can use their products easily.

Real coffee, made simple. #SleepyOwlCoffee

Posted by Sleepy Owl Coffee on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Another way is to show the product in context. For instance, if you sell clothes, you can show how your products are worn and styled. Or, if you sell furniture, you can show the item in a house and give shoppers an idea of the kind of vibe it creates.

Set up better Shopify Facebook ads with winning tactics like eCommerce storytelling

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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