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Asiya Nayeem

Guiding Your Customer Journey Through Emails Using Customer Analytics

With an average eCommerce conversion rate as low as 2.35%, merchants need to have smart strategies and communication in place to nudge more store visitors into customers and continue generating sales on their Shopify store. However, these tactics are ineffective if you aren’t looking into your customer analytics to understand your customers better.

With customer data, you can get insights into your customer needs and where they are on their buying journey to set up better messaging and communication and cater to shoppers on different stages of the customer journey. With the right message at the right time, a new store visitor can be guided to their next purchase, turning them into a customer.

And an existing customer can be led to making their new purchase. 

Simply put, mapping a shopper’s journey with your brand with eCommerce customer analytics, can help you drive the most ROI from your email marketing campaigns. 

What is an Online Customer Journey?

A customer journey is a path taken by a customer through different touchpoints before they end up purchasing from your Shopify store. This journey is usually visualized in a set of steps:

customer journey

Step 1: Awareness

The first stage is brand awareness. Your shopper has been searching for products similar to what you sell and has just learnt of your brand. These customers are new to your brand and the right messaging can help you connect with them and make them familiar with your brand.

Step 2: Consideration

Now that your customer is on your Shopify store and aware of your offerings, they would be interested in your product. However, before purchasing, your customer would spend time understanding the product’s usability, quality, and benefits. This includes looking into details provided on your Shopify store, through product descriptions and from reviews.

Step 3: Purchase

If you’ve been able to win over your customer, they would add the item they are interested in to their cart and successfully complete the transaction. 

Step 4: Retention

You’ve finally gotten your customer to purchase from you. Now, you need to be able to retain these shoppers and keep them coming to your Shopify store. With the right communication and product features, you can retain customers successfully.

Step 5: Loyalty

Loyalty is a crucial part of ensuring your customer keeps coming back to your Shopify store. The final stage of your customer journey helps you focus on increasing your customer LTV and getting them to advocate for your brand to others.

Let’s take an example.

A potential customer is browsing Instagram and comes across your brand’s post. At this point, they are on the Awareness stage. Finding your brand intriguing, they would click on the link in bio, taking them to your Shopify store. The customer is now on the Consideration stage, planning to shop your products. They successfully shop an item, taking them to the Purchase stage. 

With the right messaging from your emails or social media, the customer is likely to come back for another purchase. This is the Retention stage, allowing you to keep the customer coming back for repeat purchases. Lastly, with the right incentives, you can get the customer to the Loyalty stage. The customer will continue to choose you when they shop and even recommend others to your Shopify store. 

Importance of Setting Up a Customer Journey

For an eCommerce store, there is already too much competition. To stand out within such a saturated market and be chosen over your competitors, you need to make your products more enticing for online consumers. Besides prioritizing the quality of your products, you can also set up a personalized and unique experience for your customers. 

Personalization in your communication matters, influencing your sales, and how consumers perceive you. 

Different customers are on different stages of purchasing from your Shopify store. Some may just be getting familiar with your brand. Meanwhile, others may be comparing two different products and figuring out which one to buy. Your communication needs to be unique to these different types of customers to cater to them better. 

Set up targeted messaging for customers on different stages to tackle specific goals and address customer needs, while capturing higher conversions.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the one marketing channel whose spend can be optimized by using the customer journey – email marketing. 

How to Use Customer Journey in Email Marketing 

A shopper considering a product has different priorities as compared to someone who is coming back for a second purchase. When setting up email campaigns targeted to customers on different stages, you need to identify which customer is at which stage and then set up communication accordingly. 

This can be easily done by looking into your customer analytics.

Your customer analytics can help you understand how different types of shoppers spend time on your Shopify store, how they interact with your store, and which products caught their eye. You can then use this customer data to understand your customer expectations and then position your email messaging accordingly.

RevTap is a Shopify analytics app that helps you visualize your customer data better. You can view the purchase behavior of your customers and see how your visitors flow through your Shopify store, from landing on your store to completing a purchase.

The best part is that the Shopify analytics app segments your customers for you, identifying customers on different stages. This may be a new visitor or someone who has abandoned their cart or even a customer who has bought from you multiple times. 

But, how impactful is customer analytics to guiding your customers?

It was found that with customer analytics, you are 23 times more likely to outperform your competitors in acquiring new customers and 9 times more likely to surpass your competitors in boosting customer loyalty.

customer analytics

To help you tailor your email marketing according to your customer journey, we put together an easy process. Before you start crafting your email for a specific customer stage, you need to identify the customer segment. For instance, for customers in the loyalty stage, you would identify the ‘VIP shoppers’ customer segment.

Next, you need to choose your campaign goal and the type of email you want to send. Do you want to engage them or get them to check out a new product you just launched? By putting in thought for your goal and choosing your email type accordingly, you can increase clickthrough and boost goal conversions.

Now that you’ve figured out your goal and email type, you can curate your email messaging, making it appealing for that customer segment. A product feature for a VIP shopper is sure to look different from the same kind of email for a new subscriber.

Tailoring your Email Marketing According to the Customer Journey 

Identifying a customer segment for different customer journey stages and planning your email campaigns might take time. We’ve done some research on our end to help you set up the right segment for different stages of your customer’s journey and set up emails that convert. 

Pro-tip: Explore the different customer segments available on RevTap to understand the different types of customers you can target.

Awareness Stage

Customer segment to target: Newly Subscribed Customers

Set up an automated email to target newly subscribed customers, letting them know about the problem you solve and getting them familiar with your brand and your products.

Type of email to send: Send an email to these shoppers about the problems you solve for them and the benefits of using your products. With such an email, you can provide context to new subscribers and get them excited about the benefits your product have.

Here’s an example of how Peloton introduces its product and the features it has to its new subscribers: 

Consideration Stage

Note: Most merchants lose their visitors at the Consideration Stage. So, it’s crucial to set up different kinds of campaigns to successfully bring them back. Read more about how you can optimize your checkout funnel to get your shoppers to purchase sooner.

Customer segment to target: Never Purchased Customers

This customer segment needs a little more push to start browsing your products and make a purchase. With the right kind of email, you can convince this segment to purchase from you.

Type of email to send: One email that is sure to work with these customers is a sale or discount promotion. Customers who haven’t purchased might need an incentive to do so. You can set up an offer like a 15% off or free shipping to make it easier for them to shop.

Birchbox’s discount on bestseller products is a great email to take inspiration from.

Another type of email that is sure to help customers who are still on the fence is a product guide. Use this email to help your customers choose from your range of products. You can give them an overview of the benefits of the different products you offer to help them make a quicker purchasing decision.

Hims is a personal wellness brand that has perfected this email.

Purchase Stage

Customer segment to target: First Purchase Customers

A warm emailer to customers who purchased from you can help you build a relationship with them. This is sure to win you brownie points for putting them first.

Type of email to send: Send your customers an email about the benefits of purchasing your products and what makes the purchase so special. This is sure to add value to their lives and make them feel good about their purchase, even before they receive the item.

ILIA sends a post-purchase email to customers that cheers the customer on for purchasing clean beauty products. They use the email copy to pinpoint the benefits, making the customer happy about their positive and healthy purchase.

Retention Stage

Customer segment to target: Three Months Since Purchase Customers

Target these lapsed customers to get them to shop from your Shopify store again before you lose them for good.

Type of email to send: Send an email that checks in your customers about any products that are missing from their life. In this copy, you can remind shoppers about the benefits of your products and let them navigate to different collections.

Aillea’s retention email asks customers what is missing from their beauty routine. The brand then lets shoppers pick from a range of collections to browse from.

customer analytics

Loyalty Stage

Customer segment to target: VIP Shoppers

You need to deliver an exclusive experience to your loyal and frequent shoppers, making them feel special. This means more personalized messages and communication to make the relationship more intimate.

Type of email to send: Send an email that celebrates milestones, whether this is the customer’s birthday or their 3 or 10 year anniversary of shopping from your brand.

DAVIDsTEA sends an anniversary email to its frequent shoppers. This email focuses on celebrating milestones and giving customers fun facts about how they’ve shopped from the brand.

davistea customer analytics

Also read: How To Use Shopify Analytics To Identify And Engage VIP Customers

Ready to set up your email campaigns to guide your customers better?

By guiding your customer’s journey with relevant messaging, you have a higher chance of acquiring a customer and retaining them. We hope this guide helps you easily set up a high-converting email strategy driven by your customer analytics.

Your customer analytics are packed with information about your customer’s behavior and preferences. Customer segments, especially, help you build targeted email lists and tackle customers on different purchase journeys better. RevTap integrates with your favorite Shopify email marketing app, from Klaviyo to ActiveCampaign. You can build targeted email campaigns within your email app using your customer segments. This is sure to simplify your task of guiding customers on different purchase stages, and helping you increase sales.

Install RevTap to tap into your customer segments and guide your customer journey better.

Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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