Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

Instagram Stories Tactics to Increase Shopify Sales

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s only growing! With different formats and powerful features like product tagging and wishlisting, brands can sell on Instagram much more easily. Instagram stories, in particular, are a highly engaging format. In fact, Stories are used more often, with 500 million accounts creating and viewing Instagram Stories every day.

As an online store, Instagram Stories can help you warm up your existing followers and nudge them to make a purchase. Oftentimes, users follow a brand because they like the brand’s products but they may not have the confidence to shop from them just yet. Instagram Stories can help you convert these followers effortlessly. 

With this blog, we’re listing 10 Instagram stories tactics you can use to nudge followers to make a purchase.

10 Instagram Stories Tactics to Increase Shopify Sales

1. Use highlights for FAQs

Shoppers who discover your brand on Instagram would want to find all information about your store and its products on the same platform. You can make it easier for them to access crucial information by adding your FAQs within your highlights. With this, you can answer a few questions:

  • How are your products made?
  • What is your refund policy?
  • Do you have gifting options?
  • What is your shipping time?

Shoppers can get answers to the most important questions before they proceed to your Shopify store to place an order.

2. Create short videos

Videos generate more views, regardless of the platform. When sharing content on Instagram Stories, you must consider creating videos. These don’t have to be professionally shot! In fact, Instagram users love authentic Instagram Story videos where the account owner is speaking to the camera, no set or props needed. 

There are many video ideas you can explore for your Instagram Stories:

  • Show your brand’s employees or founders speaking to the camera about your products.
  • Give a peek into the day in the life of an employee.
  • Give followers insight into how a product was designed and the research behind it.
  • Answer questions from followers.

3. Share user-generated images

Online shoppers are highly likely to share pictures of the products they buy from you. You can share these user-generated images and even videos on your Instagram Stories to show your followers how customers use your products. 

Such social proof can help build credibility and show your followers that your products are trustable.

4. Create a filter for virality

An Instagram filter, when marketed right, sells itself. Shoppers would use your filters and share them on their Instagram Story, bringing your brand free traction. 

You can create a filter that uses your products. For example, if you are a lipstick brand, you can let shoppers try different shades within your product catalog. If you sell furniture, you can let shoppers see how your product would look in their living room.

By creating a filter, you can sell yourself and get more new mentions without having to run paid ads.

5. Make it interactive with polls and questions

Instagram Stories with interactive elements like questions, reaction sliders, and polls get higher engagement. As a growing brand, you need to use these elements to grab the attention of your shoppers and keep them engaged with your brand. 

Here are some ways to use these interactive elements on your Instagram Stories:

  • Run polls asking which variation of your products shoppers like better.
  • Let shoppers ask questions and answer them via text Stories or even videos.
  • When launching a product, add a reaction slider to the Story to understand the response.
  • Ask questions to followers about the history of the products you make.
  • Add countdowns to product launches and events being run by your brand.

When shoppers engage with your Stories, they’d get more familiar with you, building a relationship between you and your followers. They will then be more likely to consider clicking through to your website and buying your products. 

6. Show how your products are made

Give shoppers a peek into how your products are made through your Stories. Since followers are sure to engage with Stories, you can use this opportunity to show your unique method of bringing a product alive and assure shoppers of your sustainable methods.

By showing how your products are made, followers who are still considering a purchase would be able to understand whether your products are ethically made and be less hesitant when shopping from you.

Instagram Stories

7. Do influencer takeovers

Influencers get 2x more engagement than branded content on Instagram. You can partner with influencers who take about products like yours and plan activities like social media takeover. With such takeovers, influencers can share their daily routine, plug your product, and share this takeover with their followers. This way, the influencer’s followers would be eager to follow your brand’s account and you’ll be able to acquire new followers in the process.

Moreover, any existing followers who are on the fence about buying your products would be validated by the endorsement from the influencer.

8. Create templates for easy sharing

Templates have similar shareability and traction as filters, but take less time to create. Many brands create fillable templates, like to-do lists, monthly goals, meal plans, etc. These templates create value for the Instagram follower and they’ll be more likely to share the templates on their own Story and among friends and family.

Besides fillable templates, you can also create wallpapers that followers would want to own and use for their mobile. When creating such resources, ensure that it is aligned with your brand. For instance, if you are a fashion brand, you can create fillable templates for shoppers who want a checklist when packing clothes for a trip. Furniture brands can provide templates on necessary furnishing items when moving to a new house.

Instagram Stories

9. Run garage sales on Instagram stories

There is an adventure in garage sales! Provide a unique experience of shopping your products to your Instagram followers by running flash sales on your Instagram Stories. You can do this for products with limited stock and plan it ahead so that shoppers can instantly click and buy the item.

You can run sales by just posting Stories or even going Live on your Instagram account and sharing links to products directly. This way, you can make an event out of your low stocked products and build hype over them.

10. Use stickers

The right stickers can help you get noticed better. Shoppers are following many people these days. By using stickers that Instagram is prioritizing at the time, you can be much more visible to your followers. 

For instance, Instagram was promoting small businesses a few months back. Anyone who used the sticker got more views on their Stories than those who didn’t. To leverage this, keep an eye out for new stickers and use them within the right context to increase your engagement.

Get creative on Instagram Stories to Increase Shopify Sales

We hope these 10 strategies help you acquire new customers and increase conversions. Instagram is a powerful social media platform, with enough features to help you build your audience and find ways to convert them. The platform is also ideal for online stores since Instagram has built multiple features for eCommerce.

If you’re still looking for ways to use Instagram to increase Shopify sales, we’d suggest running Instagram ads! Our guide to Instagram Ads will help you start running ads on Instagram and bring in sales through your ads.

Read the complete guide to Instagram ads.

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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