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introducing revtap - shopify analytics
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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. With over 800,000 merchants across 175 different countries, there are 1 billion people who chose to buy from a Shopify store in the last 12 months. While the number may seem promising enough for a brand to sell online, the underlying competition can’t be ignored.

800,000 merchants and increasing every day – that’s a lot of competition for targeting similar markets.

If you look around, you’ll notice a few Shopify stores have become a household name. Who hasn’t heard of Fashion Nova and Kylie Cosmetics!

But then there are also a few Shopify stores that don’t make it. They have great products and the best of deals, but they struggle to get their first 1000 customers.


Most stores are unable to use their store and marketing data in their growth strategies. Some don’t know what to track, the others don’t know how to use this data!

That’s exactly why we built RevTap— to allow you to use your Shopify store’s analytics into opportunities to increase your revenue.

Meet RevTap – Turn your data into more sales and revenue 

RevTap is a powerful e-commerce analytics and AI-powered marketing tool for Shopify stores. With a goal to help Shopify entrepreneurs, merchants and marketers understand their target market better, it pulls together all the store and marketing data to give a holistic, actionable report on performance. 

90% of all new online businesses fail in the first 120 days. It only takes using data effectively to become a part of the 10% that are successful! 

RevTap helps Shopify stores in two ways:

1. Comprehensive Shopify analytics

RevTap connects to all your analytics and marketing tools with just a few clicks. It then pulls in data from all these tools to create your very own unified Shopify analytics dashboard. Here’s where you get a holistic view of your Shopify store’s performance! 

This data is used to provide actionable insights into untapped opportunities. The AI-driven mechanism automatically compares your performance data to industry benchmarks and best practices, recommending strategies that are sure to boost your sales. 

We take our job seriously and leave no stone unturned. Right from your store analytics, Google analytics, social media and search advertising, email marketing and more, we do all the data crunching for you. 

You get this data in custom reports with easy-to-consume visualizations. 

2. Smart automation and AI-powered growth strategies

Shopify stores that leverage marketing automation see a +10% bump in revenue in just 6-9 months. Entrepreneurs, merchants, and marketers state that using automation helps them save resources on recurring tasks, letting them focus on truly understanding their customers. 

RevTap enables smart automation to remove repetitive marketing tasks off your place, driving them with AI-powered e-commerce growth strategies to increase sales. Call us your in-house marketing expert!

Your Shopify store’s analytics is an untapped opportunity to grow your sales. Make your data work for you. Give RevTap a spin!


How does RevTap help Shopify stores grow? 

TLDR; by putting all your data to work. 

But let us explain this a bit. 

1. Shopify analytics and business intelligence

We collect all the data from your analytics and marketing tools. Then we turn it into actionable reports broken down into: 

    • Growth overview: Top-level KPIs like overall revenue, orders, average order value (AOV), net sales, taxes, shipping fees, cart abandonment rate, revenue goal tracking, revenue by sales and marketing channels. 
    • Performance analytics: Campaign performance metrics like traffic, conversion rate, checkout, organic metrics like email and social media marketing, paid advertising metrics – Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. 
    • Product analytics: Report on how well the products are selling and 16 smart product segments to create promotional campaigns that sell more easily.
    • Customer analytics: Detailed customer profiles with 20+ customer segments to enable personalization in marketing campaigns. 

2. Smart Shopify marketing automation

Most marketing strategies require completing repetitive tasks. That eats into a merchant’s time, taking them away from focusing on the quality of products and knowing their customers. 

With smart automation, RevTap helps Shopify stores put tasks like syncing data across channels, creating campaigns for customer engagement and retention, cart recovery and boosting customer loyalty on auto.

shopify analytics - revtap automation

Imagine the amount of time you end up saving and the revenue you generate by reaching your customers in a timely manner – every single time!

3. AI-powered marketing strategies

We don’t just stop at collecting all your data and generating reports. We do the number crunching for you, compare it with industry benchmarks and best practices, and use our AI-driven engine to recommend the next steps you should take. 

Vetted by our e-commerce experts, these strategies help you create personalized customer journeys and omnichannel marketing campaigns that bring you more sales. 

All you need to do is review and approve! 

shopify analytics - strategies

Yes, we’re working on a lot. But will we stop here? No.

Why did we build RevTap? 

We’re a team of e-commerce conversion optimizers, marketers and innovators. After having worked with online brands, helping e-commerce marketers and agencies achieve their goals, we realized a few things… 

1. There’s too much to do!

When managing an online store, you end up wearing many hats. You’re launching a new product one day and the next, you’re setting up a flash sale.

Measuring important metrics and making on-site optimizations automatically goes to the back burner. This means that you aren’t able to track the right data nor learn from it to optimize your marketing strategies. 

Not tapping into their own data, Shopify entrepreneurs, merchants, and marketers are leaving big bucks on the table! 

2. There’s no systematic way of analyzing data

Those who did manage to track their marketing data ended up spending 150-200 minutes a week trying to create performance reports. 

Imagine having to move from one tool to another, one platform to the next, creating excel sheets for different campaigns. Tedious! 

What’s worse? Following this approach, you can’t possibly look into analytics in real-time; which means your optimization of campaigns is always delayed. 

Having to manually collate data from different sources, analyze it and create actionable every month is nothing short of overwhelming. What’s more, when you manually aggregate your analytics, you are prone to mistakes. Shopify entrepreneurs and marketers are losing critical shopper data and big market opportunities to increase their revenue. 

3. There’s always a struggle in creating omnichannel campaigns

Most Shopify stores struggle to create omnichannel marketing strategies. 

Not being able to understand which channel works the best for them and how to personalize their campaigns means increased spends but low sales. 

Understanding your target shoppers and optimizing your campaigns for higher conversions is a full-time job. We’ve seen firsthand that stores can’t have a separate resource for it. However, this is an important part of a store’s functioning to ensure it lasts in a competitive market.  

After working with Shopify stores closely, we knew they needed a solution to address these issues. So we built one and we want you to join us!  

Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Chinmaya Shankar
Chinmaya Shankar
Chinmaya is the Co-Founder of RevTap. You'll usually find him working with the product team to make analyzing data and implementing growth strategies simpler with smart automation. At other times, you'll still find him working or brainstorming ideas with e-commerce growth experts.

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