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Asiya Nayeem

Ready to Use Email Marketing Templates to Promote Your Deals Before, During, and After BFCM

With a $37 dollar ROI for every $1 spent, email marketing is still a relevant channel today. So, it only makes sense that you set up email campaigns to promote your BFCM sale. If you’re still in the planning stage or are looking for help figuring out the right copy tactics, we’d like to help. We’ve compiled ready to use email marketing templates, with easy to swipe copy ideas.

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In any marketing strategy, there is no one right way. Instead, it’s crucial to test different strategies and understand what works for your store. We highly recommend that you personalize your email campaigns, segment your customers, and use these segments to send more targeted emails. Read how you can use customer analytics for email marketing.

You can find ready to use Facebook ad templates and SMS copy templates to promote your BFCM deals.

Before BFCM— Email Marketing Templates To Hype Your Sale

Use the time before your Black Friday sale starts by engaging your customer better. Use your pre-BFCM email to let your subscribers know about your discount, what products are going on sale, and how exclusive and big the sale is! Many merchants display their bestsellers and nudge their subscribers to wishlist items so they don’t miss out on these products.

Here are some best practices to craft your pre-BFCM emails:

  • Use the time before the sale to hype shoppers about the discount and stress the fact that it will expire in just 48 hours.
  • If you have wishlisting, encourage shoppers to wishlist items they have their eye on so they don’t miss out.
  • If you automate upsell or cross-sell emails, customize the emails to let shoppers know that they can now get these recommended items on a deal.

Here is some copy inspiration to help you craft your pre-BFCM email:

Subject line:
Just 5 days left for the biggest sale of the season! 💰


Hi James,

We’re excited too! We love discounts so this Black Friday, we’re going all out! You can get 50% off on all our products, even the new collection!

A lot of our subscribers have saved the Leather-Strapped Smartwatch so that they can get it before we run out.

Don’t forget to wishlist your favorites!

During BFCM— Email Marketing Templates to Remind and Re-Engage Customers

Set up emails to be sent as soon as the sale is live, informing your email subscribers and making them excited to shop. When sending this email, ensure you keep these best practices in mind:

  • Include your discount (and discount code if applicable).
  • Add context in your subject line and use emojis to boost open rates.
  • Display a few of your collections to help your shoppers navigate to different parts of your store.
  • Mention your USP in these emails to remind shoppers why your store is special.
  • Showcase a few of your best products to catch your subscribers’ interest.

While we can’t write your emails for you, we can give you a copy snippet that you can play around with:

Subject line:
It’s finally live, Black Friday starts NOW! 💯


Hi James,

Our Black Friday sale is here, with 50% off on all our products! Here are a few of our get you started:

(display bestsellers here)

Start shopping now!

Here’s a great example by Postable. You can see how short and crisp their Black Friday email is.

email marketing templates

If you plan to send an email a few hours before the Black Friday sale ends, you can use this email to remind shoppers of your USP. Unlike the email about the start of your sale, this email would build on the urgency to act fast.

Subject line:
Just a few hours left, our Black Friday deals end soon ⏰


Hi James,

Our Black Friday sale ends in just 3 hours.

Interested to get our versatile travel bags or leather-strapped smartwatches? Get them at the best price now!

Here’s how Google set up its last chance BFCM email:

BFCM email marketing templates

Post-BFCM— Email Marketing Templates to Close Out the Sale 

Many merchants host a post-BFCM sale, giving their shoppers a last chance to buy. These sales help you capture shoppers who arrived on your Shopify store a day late. You can also leverage this post-BFCM sale to let your existing subscribers know they can still get your products.

Pro-tip: Use customer segments to identify subscribers who didn’t shop during the sale. We recommend segmenting your audience and only sending this promotion to shoppers who didn’t shop. 

Within this email, you can build a sense of urgency, focusing on how this will be the last time these shoppers will get to buy. Like your emails sent during the sale, showcase your collections and products to create more opportunities for click-throughs.

Subject line:

50% off is almost gone 🏃‍♂️


Hi James,

You haven’t bought anything yet! We get it, we’ve been partying on all the discounts this week. 

But, we’ve extended the sale, just for YOU! Unlock the discount for one last time by using code LASTBF50, only for the next 2 days.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone! 🚨 You don’t want to miss this.

Best Practices for Email Marketing During BFCM 

1. Plan and schedule your campaigns

Always plan your Black Friday email campaigns ahead of time to ensure that you aren’t spending your precious time to analyze campaign performances and cater to customer needs.

2. Tap into customer segments and use them to set up more targeted campaigns

Your customer analytics can help you understand your customers better, identify their motivations, and craft moretargeted messages for them.

RevTap’s customer analytics allows you to understand the different kinds of shoppers you have. The Shopify analytics app segments different kinds of customers, allowing you to see how they spend, different behavioral patterns, etc. You can then use these segments to set up better-targeted campaigns that will resonate with these different customers.

For instance, you may find that some shoppers reorder a specific product from time to time. You can send this customer segment a marketing message that lets them know that they can reorder their favorite item while spending less on it, thanks to the BFCM sale! 

3. Set up essential automations like browse abandonment and cart abandonment

The right automated email campaigns help you send targeted emails at the right time, engaging your customers smartly. Automations are relevant to an action your customer took, allowing you to use this information to nudge them to purchase (or buy more). 

Email marketing apps like Klaviyo and SmartrMail allow you to set up automations. For Black Friday, ensure that you’ve set up automated emails like abandoned cart reminders and browse abandonment emails. These can help you remind your shoppers about the item they were looking at or left in the cart.

Just setting up these automations isn’t enough. Customize these emails to remind your shoppers about the deals running on your Shopify store.

4. Personalize it!

Your emails can help you build a relationship with your customers, if you use them right. Many merchants use a conversational tone in their email— a tactic that subscribers always respond to.

Personalize your emails to connect with your customers better. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Cross-sell products related to what your shoppers bought
  • Display ‘Recently Viewed Items’ within your email with product recommendation apps like Wiser.
  • Add a first name parameter to address your customer more directly.
  • Enable automated emails that are sent in response to shopper action. 

5. Enrich your email campaigns with product and collection features

I’ve already mentioned this within the best practices on top but it’s important to reiterate— display your products and collections within your emails! This can help you effectively engage your customers better and help you catch their interest. Shoppers can then click on the collection they prefer and start browsing products within that collection in no time!

Set up Email Marketing To Promote Your BFCM Deals

Black Friday is the biggest sales opportunity for any merchant. By planning your Black Friday email campaigns, you can set yourself up for higher conversions from your subscriber list. We hope these email marketing templates help you plan your copy better.

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The best way to maximize conversions from your marketing campaigns is by tapping into your analytics to make data-driven decisions. RevTap is a Shopify analytics app built to help you make better decisions, from marketing to sales strategies.

Using the app, you can understand how your customers shop, which products are performing poorly, and which marketing channels and campaigns are bringing in higher sales. This approach helps you maximize your conversions while spending less.

Use RevTap to set up data-driven marketing campaigns for BFCM and sell more.

Turn your Shopify store data into more revenue with RevTap. Sign up today to get started for FREE and avail pre-launch discounts.
Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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