Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

Ready to Use SMS Copy Templates to Promote Your Deals Before, During, and After BFCM

By now, most merchants have already planned their sale, set up creative assets for different marketing needs, and started to plan marketing messages. How you promote your sale, including the channels you use and the way you craft your messages plays a huge role in bringing back past customers and getting them to shop your BFCM sale. This is why we wanted to help you— with ready to use SMS copy templates.

One marketing channel that is perfect to re-engage past customers during Black Friday is SMS. SMS is a highly visible channel, read by receivers almost instantly, and has an open rate of 98%. Moreover, your customers receive your SMS even when they are offline, making it the perfect channel for such time-sensitive messages around your BFCM deals.

Not sure how SMS marketing works? Our extensive guide to SMS marketing is all you need to get started with the channel and generate revenue through SMS.

To simplify your task of planning your SMS campaigns, we created a few SMS copy templates. You can copy these and tweak them to fit your brand tone and style.

Note: There is no one-size-fits-all for marketing. So, you need to tweak these SMS copy templates to match your style. If you aren’t the kind to use urgency or clickbaity copy, don’t! It’s important to stick to your brand personality more than anything.  

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Before BFCM— SMS Copy Templates To Hype Your Sale

Your SMS campaigns before the sale starts need to build hype and exclusivity over your upcoming sale. You can send a few SMS campaigns leading up to the sale, reminding your shoppers and making them excited for the large discounts that will  be available on your Shopify store.

For these SMS campaigns, we recommend sharing how large your discounts will be and when the sale will be live. If you offer wishlisting, you can even nudge shoppers to save items to their wishlists. Here are two SMS copy templates:

In just 2 days, our BFCM sale will be live. 🎉 Don’t miss out— we’re slashing prices by 50%! 😍

Even our new collection is on sale this Black Friday! Visit our store in 5 hours and shop our 50% sale as soon it’s live. 🤑

During BFCM— SMS Copy Templates to Remind and Re-Engage Customers

Now that your sale is live, you need to actively remind your customers about the sale and build urgency to shop.

You can schedule an SMS campaign to be sent as soon as the sale is live, announcing it and bringing shoppers to your Shopify store.

SMS copy:

Our Black Friday sale is now live! Get any of our products at 40% off. Sale lasts for 48 hours.

Shop now while stocks last!

You can send another SMS campaign 15 hours before the sale ends, reminding shoppers and informing any shoppers who missed the first SMS and successfully getting them to shop the sale. Try this SMS copy template that builds urgency.

SMS copy:

LAST CHANCE! 🚨🛑  Our Black Friday sale ends in just 15 hours. 40% off storewide— these discounts are a once-in-a-lifetime chance. 😨

Shop now!

Post-BFCM— SMS Copy Templates to Close Out the Sale 

Many merchants offer a post-BFCM sale to shoppers who didn’t purchase during the sale. If you plan to offer this “last-chance sale” to your shoppers, you can easily do so. We recommend segmenting your audience and only sending this promotion to shoppers who didn’t shop. 

Your “last-chance” promotion should make the shopper feel special, giving them a final opportunity to shop for this massive sale.

sms copy template

You missed out on our Black Friday deals! 😭 BUT, some good news— we have a secret last-chance sale, just for YOU! Use code LASTCHANCE to get 40% off on your order. 💯

Code expires in 3 days, so hurry up! 🏃‍♂️

You can even run this message without segmenting your audience. However, it’s important to make the above message a little more generic if you plan to send it out to all your SMS subscribers.

Our Black Friday sale was a hit! Did you miss out? 😱

Some good news— we have a secret last-chance sale, just for YOU! Use code LASTCHANCE to get 40% off on your order.

Code expires in 3 days, so hurry up! 🏃‍♂️

Best Practices for SMS Marketing During BFCM 

1. Plan your SMS campaigns early on

You’ll be swamped during the sale so it’s crucial to ensure you’ve planned ahead. This is why we suggest that you craft and schedule your SMS campaigns in advance so that you don’t have to spend time on this during the sale. 

2. Look into your analytics to understand your customers and set up better campaigns 

It’s important to first understand your shoppers and their preferences before setting up your marketing campaigns. With better insight into your customers, you can craft campaigns that they will surely respond to.

RevTap’s customer analytics allows you to understand the different kinds of shoppers you have. The Shopify analytics app segments different kinds of customers, allowing you to see how they spend, different behavioral patterns, etc. You can then use these segments to set up better-targeted campaigns that will resonate with these different customers.

For instance, you may find that some shoppers reorder a specific product from time to time. You can send this customer segment a marketing message that lets them know that they can reorder their favorite item while spending less on it, thanks to the BFCM sale! 

3. Set up SMS marketing apps like TxtCart for higher conversions

A good SMS marketing app can help you bring more shoppers to your Shopify store. We recommend TxtCart because of its human-centric approach to SMS. 

TxtCart is a Shopify SMS marketing app that has a team of SMS experts who engage with your SMS subscribers, responding to their questions, helping them find the right deals from your store, and making your marketing campaigns less salesy. This conversational approach makes subscribers more likely to engage with your brand and shop from your BFCM sale.

4. Personalize your campaigns

With so many text messages received on a daily basis, what will make your subscribers want to interact with your SMS promotion? One way to engage with your SMS subscribers better is by personalizing your message to the shopper. Personalization allows you to make your campaigns more warm and friendly. 

Many merchants use personalization elements like first names to make the message sound like a one-on-one conversation between the brand and the subscriber. Other merchants use tactics like upselling to recommend products that the shopper will love or use customer segmentation to send highly targeted messages.

5. Enable and customize cart abandonment messages to bring back shoppers who abandon their cart during the sale

While planning your SMS campaigns for BFCM, don’t forget to set up your cart abandonment message. Since you’re sure to attract a large number of visitors to your store, many of them are likely to abandon their cart while looking at other similar deals. 

With a cart abandonment message, you can remind them about their cart and your Black Friday deal.

Set up SMS Marketing To Promote Your BFCM Deals

We hope these SMS copy templates helped you plan your SMS campaigns for BFCM and gave you insights on how to set up better SMS marketing for this upcoming sale. 

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The best way to set up your marketing campaigns is by using your analytics to make data-driven decisions. RevTap is a Shopify analytics app built to help you make better decisions, from marketing to sales strategies.

Using the app, you can understand how your customers’ shop, which products are performing poorly, and which marketing channels and campaigns are bringing in higher sales. This approach helps you maximize your conversions while spending less.

Here are 2 guides we created to help you plan your Facebook ads and Instagram ads for your Black Friday sale.

Use RevTap to set up data-driven marketing campaigns for BFCM and sell more.

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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