The Ultimate eCommerce Conversion Optimization Guide To Grow Your Revenue With Predictability

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A large number of Shopify stores run Facebook, Instagram, and search ads to attract new audiences, re-engage past visitors, and convert shoppers into customers. With the coronavirus virus doing the rounds across the globe, shoppers are the least bothered about shopping. So, doesn’t it make sense for you to stop running ads for your Shopify store?

But, you can still run ads for your Shopify store— as long as your ad objectives are realistic!

Let’s dive into 5 reasons you should continue to set up ads for your Shopify store during this low period.

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5 Reasons You Should Continue to Run Ads For Your Shopify Store Despite Coronavirus

1. You sell essentials.

Shoppers are still buying items, it just depends on what the products are. If you sell items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food, medicines, etc, your products are needed now more than ever. Set up ads for your products and narrow down your audience to shoppers who are already looking for products you sell. When setting up your ad, ensure that the product can be delivered to your shoppers.

Some merchants are even selling products like loungewear, work from home items, probiotics, etc to help shoppers work and live better during this tough time. Here’s one example of such an ad. See how SKIMS entices shoppers to stay comfy in their products.

Another way to set up such ads is by using user-generated content to show how your product is helping others through this time. Here’s how Nimble Activewear does it:

Pro-tip: Assure shoppers of your hygiene as a brand, how well-packaged your products are, and your safety measures when handling and delivering packages.

2. You want to increase brand awareness.

If you’re a relatively new brand, you still have a lot of work to do. One ad objective that is set up by many new brands is to increase brand awareness. You may be trying to increase likes on your Facebook page or drive more footfall to your online store. 

Either way, there’s no harm in setting up ads to increase brand awareness. This is a great time to grow your following so that you have a large following base to sell to later.

3. You want to grow your subscriber base.

Grow your subscriber base with an engaging ad. If you create content like quizzes, blogs, and guides, now’s the time to reel audiences in! Engage shoppers with content you have created for them and get them to spend time on your website. 

After interacting with your content piece, these visitors are likely to explore your Shopify store. Even if they don’t shop from you, they are sure to remember your brand and even subscribe to your store.

See how this brand engages its audience with a helpful quiz during this coronavirus shutdown:

Pro-tip: Set up a subscription form at the end of your content piece so that your new audience can easily subscribe to you.

4. You have a community to serve.

If you have a community of shoppers, you would have created a lot of content to comfort them, providing them with free resources to enjoy. While doing this, you can use this time to grow your following with well-intended ads. For instance, if you are a skincare brand, you can create and promote a video about homemade face masks.

Huda Beauty has set up a video ad to help their shoppers stay motivated at home.

Pro-tip: Explore topics that serve your customers while tying it to your brand. Don’t force this; you don’t want your customers to feel like you are advertising yourself just to join the conversation.

5. You can provide helpful information.

Whether you want to establish yourself as a health expert or have tips to help shoppers during this tough time, ads that provide helpful information are especially needed during this time.

If your brand has created content that is helpful during this coronavirus crisis, boost it to reach larger audiences. Here’s a video one skincare brand created on effective handwashing:

Pro-tip: Your content doesn’t have to be limited to safety. You can also talk about working and working out from home, self-care during this time, mental health, and other topics. Just remember to keep it relevant to the products you sell!

Best Practices for Running Ads During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Now, before you rush to set up ads, we have 5 best practices to set up ads that create an impact.

1. Only run ads on a product if it can be delivered

It’s pointless to run ads on a product if it can’t be delivered to your shoppers. You may be facing multiple restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis: 

  1. You manufacture from a different country from your local country.
  2. Restrictions for producing and selling certain items. 
  3. Country-level restrictions on delivering products

Ensure that the product you are advertising can be delivered to the audience you are advertising to. 

When setting up your ads, do read about the bans and restrictions Facebook that has set up to avoid being blacklisted.

2. Set up location-specific ads

One way to work around the restrictions of delivering your products is to sell them to the area/country that your manufacturing unit is based in. This allows you to acquire and convert shoppers without the logistical issues.

Many stores who manufacture their products within a specific location are advertising these products within this location. By setting up highly targeted ads, you can make the most of your ad spend and grab purchases on your Shopify store which you can fulfill.

3. Focus on engagement and subscriptions over sales

Having a sales target during this low period is unrealistic. Instead, we suggest measuring your ad’s success with other metrics like engagement and subscription. 

Set up ads to nudge your shoppers to engage with your content and subscribe to your Shopify store. With this, you can ensure more traffic comes through to your store, giving you a chance to convert this audience into subscribers. You can later target these subscribers with marketing messages to convert them into a customer.

4. Make the ad copy about them

Ensure that your ads are written to help and provide solutions for your audience. Be compassionate, not just in your ads but any content you have created. The tone in your copy is important in making your audience feel like they are being “spoken” to, rather than “advertised” to.

5. Analyze and optimize your ad

Once set up, analyze and understand how your ad is performing. You can use this period to test and improve your ads, allowing you to figure out a winning strategy that converts your shoppers.

Try out A/B testing, experiment with your copy and use different images or video assets to narrow down on the kind of ad that creates more impact with your audience. RevTap’s comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to understand how your ads are performing, giving you specific numbers of the revenue you generated, ad spend, orders received, and more.

Bonus: Free Facebook Ads Consultation

We hope this helped you understand the scope of your ad campaigns and how you can set them up to fulfill your store’s goals besides sales – despite the slowdown caused by coronavirus. 

Now setting up ads and optimizing your advertising spends during this period is equally important. That’s why we’re offering a free Facebook ads consultation for merchants who need help setting up well-crafted, converting ads. 

Don’t let your Shopify store brand get lost in the chaos! 

Reach out to us on chat or click here to book a free consultation >>

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha is the Head of Content and Partnerships at RevTap. You'll usually find her hunting for strategies and tools to enable eCommerce businesses to sell more. At other times, you'll find her testing them and writing about them with a cup of coffee.

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