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10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)

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This list of best Shopify apps was last updated on October 31, 2020. 

Most store owners use the first few weeks of the new year to take stock of their store. This includes seeing its performance, understanding the growth, reanalyzing the tools you use and improving your processes. As a Shopify store, it’s crucial that you use the best apps in the Shopify directory to help you maximize your profits in 2020.

While you look into your Shopify store performance in the last year, we want to help you simplify your marketing in 2020 with this list of the 10 best Shopify apps for 2020 marketing. From eCommerce analytics to Shopify apps that increase your sales, we hope these 10 Shopify apps help you increase your revenue with ease.

10 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

1. RevTap – Data management

Your store’s future growth is dependent on how it previously performed. Understand different data points about your store like which products brought in most sales, which products were in surplus, when your customers visited your store most, or how they found your store. 

With this comprehensive data, you can plan your future marketing strategies smartly and nudge your shoppers at the right time to bring in more purchases. However, manually collecting this data is a time-consuming task that may not be as accurate. 

This is why one of the best Shopify apps you need to install right away is RevTap. RevTap is an AI-driven analytics app that helps merchants put all their marketing and store data into one dashboard to deliver intelligent actionables that they can implement. 

Having this dashboard for your Shopify analytics will allow you to make revenue-driven decisions in 2020!

2. Flashchat – Facebook Messenger

Merchants need to be where their consumers are spending time. According to statistics, the most popular platform that internet users spend their time on is Facebook Messenger. With more than 1.3 billion people using Messenger monthly, Facebook Messenger quickly transformed from an average messaging app to a powerful marketing channel for business owners.

Flashchat allows Shopify store owners to connect with their shoppers on Facebook Messenger and send automated messages about the shopper’s behavior. Merchants can send messages on Messenger to nudge shoppers who have abandoned their cart and send win-back campaigns on autopilot. If you’re looking for a Shopify app that is perfect for personalized messaging, this one is it! 

Grow your store’s revenue this year with these 10 best Shopify apps for marketing in 2020.

3. WooHoo – Turn visitors into email subscribers

Pop-ups, as annoying as they may seem, are proven to work. Without a well-designed pop-up to capture your visitors as subscribers, you’re basically leaving money on the table. When a new visitor lands on your store, you can use this opportunity to show them a pop-up that converts them into a subscriber. This means that even if they don’t purchase from you, you still have a chance to convert them later on. Sumo found that high-performing pop-ups have an average of 9.28% conversion rate. 

Not sure which pop-up app will help you grow your subscriber list? We highly recommend WooHoo to do the trick. With WooHoo’s pop-ups, you can gamify the experience for your visitors, incentivizing them to sign up. From spin the wheel to gift reveal to slot cards— you can make it fun to subscribe to your store!

Grow your store’s revenue this year with these 10 best Shopify apps for marketing in 2020.


4. Cameo – Allow shopping through Instagram

There’s no doubt that a majority of people are focusing their marketing strategies on Instagram. With a billion users on this app every day, Instagram has made it easier for marketers to capture their audiences’ attention with well-designed posts and relatable images. With hashtags and smart strategies, marketers can easily grow their audience and engage with them successfully.

But, the platform has also proven to help eCommerce businesses sell their products faster. More than 1 in 10 users are using the platform specifically to shop or find new products. This means that if you aren’t using the platform wisely, you’re surely missing out on a few loyal customers. 

Cameo is one of the best Shopify apps to help you increase sales. You can connect your store to Instagram and this way, shoppers on Instagram who like one of your product pictures can instantly add it to their cart and purchase it. This seamless integration of your Shopify store with the biggest social media platform is sure to help you boost sales in 2020. This seamless integration of your Shopify store with the biggest social media platform is sure to help you boost sales in 2020.

10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)

5. LoyaltyLion – Loyalty program

In this age of high supply, businesses need to be able to stand out and capture their audiences’ attention beyond the products they sell. This is where loyalty programs come into play. Brands like Sephora have loyalty rewards for regular shoppers, giving them points for activity done on the store. Like every other game we’ve played, loyalty programs keep the customer hooked! It was found that a 5% increase in customer loyalty would increase the average profit per customer by 25 to 100%.

While it may seem like loyalty programs are tough to set up, that’s hardly the case. Merchants can use LoyaltyLion to create a loyalty program for their online store, setting points for different activities and specifying how the rewards can be cashed out. With LoyaltyLion, store owners can easily build customer loyalty and increase sales, without having to manually manage the rewards themselves.

10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)

6. Loox – Photo reviews

One of the most important factors that determine the success of a store is credibility. For small Shopify stores, especially, building credibility helps to increase purchases and grow your shopper list. Store owners have found the perfect way to build trust in their products— with product reviews.

77% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase. By having reviews for each product, from customers who can vouch for its quality, you can easily prove to your interested shoppers that your product is worth the purchase. 

Loox makes it easy for you to display your product reviews. The app even lets customers upload photos of the product, creating an attractive user-generated gallery of real images of your product.

10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)


7. Google Shopping – Be search engine friendly 

Have you ever searched for something like “black oxford shoes” on Google? Often times, such a search would load a carousel of product listings from online stores that offer the exact or similar item. Online shoppers are looking for convenience and this feature by Google makes it easier now for consumers to find what they are looking for easily.

If your Shopify store isn’t search engine friendly, it isn’t hard to set it up! Install Google Shopping, a Shopify app that instantly indexes your products and makes your store highly visible for shoppers searching on Google. What’s more, you can even use the app to set up awareness search ads on Google without going through complex steps on AdWords.

10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)8. Klaviyo – Email automation

It may be old school but email is still winning the marketing game. Top Shopify stores are successfully sending email campaigns to target specific audiences and setting up automated emails based on their shopper’s activity on the store. These efforts are paying off— these personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates.

Shopify experts and biggest brands that hosting their store on Shopify swear by Klaviyo as one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales. This email marketing app is smartly designed to allow merchants to set up highly personalized automated emails— from upselling, cross-selling, abandoned cart recovery, welcome series, and more. 

Such smart features allow merchants to engage with their audiences in a meaningful manner, increasing click-rates and nudging the shopper to the store. 

9. Tidio – Live Chat

The one advantage to retail sales that eCommerce used to have trouble with is real-time interactions. In retail stores, shoppers could get immediate help from store assistants. But, eCommerce quickly caught up by introducing live messaging within their online store.

If you haven’t set up a live chat, it’s about time you did! With live chat, your shoppers can easily get help about the products they are interested to buy. But, does not having a live chat functionality affect your business too much? You’d be surprised to know that as much as 77% of customers don’t make a purchase if there’s no live chat support. What’s more, shoppers who chat with your support team will spend 60% more per purchase than shoppers who don’t get live chat support.

Tidio Live Chat is one of the best Shopify apps for live chat. Once set up, ensure you have your automated messages in place. Create shift schedules for your support executives to ensure your shoppers are given instant help, even when they are in another time zone. 

Grow your store’s revenue this year with these 10 best Shopify apps for marketing in 2020.

10. RetargetApp – Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads

The average rate of cart abandonment is 69%. This means that the store owners lose more than double the amount of money they make. If you don’t have a retargeting strategy in place to bring back shoppers who abandon your cart, you are missing out on a chance to lower the abandoned carts and increase your profits seamlessly. 

While most ecommerce marketers struggle to manually set up remarketing channels and messages to bring back their shoppers, smart merchants can simplify this with an app! 

RetargetApp is the best Shopify app for paid retargeting efforts. The app focuses its efforts into 2 social platforms that most shoppers spend their time on— Facebook and Instagram. Once set up, the app shows ads about the abandoned cart to the shopper, slowly roping them back into the store with personalized messaging. Besides cart recovery, the app also allows store owners to acquire new shoppers, upsell to increase order values, and cross-sell their products.

10 Best Shopify Apps for Better Marketing (And More Sales)

11. Growave – Customer engagement solution 

Growave is a customer engagement solution combining a number of marketing features brought all in one place. With this app, you can easily leverage your user-generated content with Reviews and Instagram galleries, improve customer engagement with Loyalty programs and Wishlists and effectively scale your business in a fact and cost-effective manner.

The customer support for Growave is consistently excellent, which is one of the reasons why the app receives so many 5-star reviews (1127 to be exact). Documentation and chat support is also available at every stage of the process, allowing merchants to easily setup and customize the app according to their needs. Check Growave’s pricing to find out which plan suits you the best.

We hope these 10 best Shopify apps increase your sales and help you promote your store smartly this year.

Which is your favorite or personal best Shopify app for marketing in 2020?

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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