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Asiya Nayeem

10 Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Product Pages For Higher Conversions

Your shopper’s experience with your store can make or break their purchase with you. A slow website with unclear images and no customer support can make your shopper opt to buy from your competitor over you. You need to optimize your product pages to provide a quality experience to your shoppers. With some of the best Shopify apps available on the Shopify App Store for merchants to use, it’s easier now more than ever to ensure you are able to deliver a shopping experience that makes customers want to buy from you.

We’ve rounded up 10 best Shopify apps to help you optimize your product pages and increase your store’s conversions.

10 Best Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Product Pages and Increase Shopify Sales

1. Tidio – Live Chat

86% of buyers will pay more for better customer experience. Great customer support can nudge shoppers to buy from you and even make them loyal shoppers of your store. If you don’t have support functionalities yet, you are missing out on serving customers with queries. Shoppers are sure to have questions about your products, from sizing to how to maintain it. Without virtual help to clear these doubts, your shopper will abandon their interest in one of your products and you lose out on a valuable sale.

Tidio Live Chat is a top choice for many Shopify merchants. It allows you to set up automatic responses to common queries and enables you to connect with shoppers who have queries. Tidio is compatible with email and Facebook Messenger and even embeds a chat window on your store.

2. Loox – Reviews

Reviews help your shoppers understand how well the product is received by other shoppers like them. Photo reviews, especially give shoppers an idea of how the product looks. This user-generated collage of reviews is a powerful way to convince shoppers of your credibility. 

Loox is a reviews app that allows you to set up photo reviews in a gallery format, adding social proof to your products. Loox’s customizable review displays allow you to show reviews as popup widgets while shoppers are browsing, on product pages as a gallery, on Facebook, and within your store’s sidebar.  Loox also integrates with communication channels to request customers for reviews.

3. Fera Social Proof – Personalised countdown timers

Countdown timers illicit a sense of urgency in the shopper, making them checkout their cart faster. With cart abandonment at an all-time high, merchants need to set up such tactics to make shoppers complete their purchase. And it works! In one study, it was found that the presence of a countdown timer alone created an 8.6% lift in conversions.

With Fera Social Proof, merchants can set up custom countdown timers that nudge the shopper to complete their purchase on the cart. Once the product is added to the cart, the countdown timer is displayed in place of the announcement bar, letting the shopper know how long they have before the discount or offer expires.

4. Shogun – Page Builder

If you’re looking to optimize your store pages on an advanced level, page builders are a great way to get started. With page builders, you can test what layout works better, what placements get higher conversions, and even schedule content for limited products.

Shogun Landing Page Builder is a page builder app with all the best functionalities for your custom page needs. The drag and drop builder has many features to allow you to create sections, columns, sliders, and more. Make your product pages look sleek and unique by building it from scratch. Shogun also has custom templates to let you grab inspiration for product page layouts.

5. Plug in SEO – SEO Optimization

The description of your product page helps shoppers on search engines to find your products quickly. That’s why search engine optimization is a crucial part of product page optimization. With the right keywords, you can boost your product listings and bring more eyeballs to your products. 

Using Plug in SEO, merchants can optimize their product descriptions, fix page titles, broken links, and make your products, collections, pages, and blog posts search-friendly. The app also monitors how well your SEO efforts impact your traffic so you have a clear view of what needs to be changed.

6. Bold Product Options – Product Customization

Oftentimes, product pages are too barebones, especially for products that allow customization. Shoppers that are interested in customizing their products often have to raise a special request, causing them inconvenience. Setting up an option for product customization can simplify your shopper’s work and make shopping at your store more delightful!

With Bold Product Options, you can set up options that your customers can pick, whether it’s a logo to be embroidered to the product or custom embossment. With customization available right within the product page, your shopper can see how much it’ll cost them before proceeding to the cart. This easy-to-use system will save your team time as well as make it easier for shoppers to pick what they want.

7. Wiser – Personalised product recommendation

Optimizing your product pages also means setting up sales messages that nudge shoppers to buy more from your store. Showing personalized product recommendations is a great way to get your shoppers to browse similar products or products they recently viewed and get them to buy from your store. 

Wiser lets you set up highly personalized product recommendation widgets that nudge shoppers to increase their cart value. You can set up widgets for recently viewed, similar products, new arrivals, trending products, and more. These widgets can also be shown on the cart page as well as the thank you page so that you have the opportunity to increase your shopper’s cart value as well as get them to stay on your store and browse for longer.

8. RevTap – Analytics to Monitor Optimization Efforts

Your product page optimization efforts need data to prove the logic behind your changes. With smart analytics to show whether your edits are making a difference or not, you can test your changes and see which one yields higher conversions. 

RevTap is a powerful Shopify analytics app that allows you to monitor every aspect of your store. From monitoring on-site behaviour to understanding shopper and product segments, RevTap is an integrated dashboard that deep dives into your store’s analytics to come up with definitive reports on what works and what doesn’t. Using this, you can further optimize your product pages and be sure that your efforts are making an impact on sales.

9. Back in Stock – In Stock Updates

Stockouts cost eCommerce businesses a lot of sales and can cause them to lose out on customers. While you can’t avoid product unavailability, you can ensure that you don’t lose out on interested shoppers. Allow shoppers to subscribe to in-stock updates so they can come back to the store when the product is back in stock.

Back in Stock – Restock Alerts is a Shopify app that lets you set up a subscription for out-of-stock products and automatically sends in-stock messages to shoppers who subscribed when the product was unavailable. The app integrates with email, SMS, web push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. With so many choices, shoppers can choose the communication channel of their choice. Never lose out on a shopper’s interest again!

10. Privy – Popups

A large percentage of your store visitors will remain just visitors. With such low visits to purchase conversions, you need to be able to capture these visitors as subscribers so that you can market to this audience later and bring them back for a successful purchase. Popups are a popular and highly effective way to turn store visitors into subscribers. 

Set up Privy and use eye-catching copy and graphics to nudge visitors to subscribe to your store. You can promise them a discount for subscribing or use witty copy to convert them quickly. Privy allows you to create a popup from scratch and once set up, you can monitor how your popup is performing and how many visitors it converts. You can then target these visitors with newsletters and even abandoned cart emails. 

Ready to optimize your product pages?

We hope these 10 Shopify apps help you with your product page optimization efforts. 

When optimizing your product pages, always ensure that the product images are clear, provide different angles of the product and are easy to zoom into. Your product pages must have all the details a shopper would need before deciding to buy it. Take a look at product pages set up by top brands like H&M and Nike to understand what sells.

Lastly, always backup your optimization efforts with analytics to ensure you are on the right path. With smart analytics, you can be sure that your efforts are positively impacting your Shopify sales.

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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