Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

10 Social Media Ad Campaigns Every Shopify Store Must Run

Who isn’t running ads these days? Shopify stores globally are running social media ad campaigns to promote their products, bring more purchases during their sales, and engage shoppers. It’s safe to say that the competition is high!

With competition comes the need to spend more on your ads. With a projected 8.7% jump on ad spend this year, running ads is expensive. But, that doesn’t mean you need to stop running ads on social media. After all, social media is one of the most effective channels to retain and acquire customers.

Instead, you need to play it smart. Here’s how you can ensure your Facebook ads are driving higher sales:

  1. Pick different kinds of social media ad campaigns for your Shopify store.
  2. Run and test different ad campaigns with specific customer segments
  3. Optimize the copy and image assets to improve your results.
  4. Compare your ads and find the ones that bring in higher conversions
  5. Once you’ve found the right ad campaign, set it up and monitor it continuously to ensure high performance.

Now, in case you were wondering what kind of social media ad campaigns you can set up, we’ve got some options for you. Let’s dive into the 10 kinds of social media ad campaigns that you can run to convert shoppers and bring in more purchases.

Note: We understand that this may not be the best time to run an ad. But, we’ve got some ideas for the kinds of ads you can run for your Shopify store despite the coronavirus slowdown. Read this blog to run impactful ads that engage shoppers, nudge them to subscribe, and even bring in sales.

You can also grab some inspiration from other stores running high-converting social media ads, including copy tactics they use.

10 Social Media Ad Campaigns Every Shopify Store Must Run

1. New Product Promotion 

Targetting to: Both for customer acquisition and retention

When launching a new product, you need to pull all the stops and market the product on different channels, from email to social media. Set up a social media ad campaign to bring more eyeballs to your newly launched item and increase sales. 

Fjällräven created a Facebook ad to promote their new backpack. They talk about the different features of the backpack and provide an enticing offer— free shipping— to make it easier for conversion.

2. Sale Promotion

Targetting to: Both for customer acquisition and retention

Bring more eyeballs to your sales with a captivating social media ad. Online shoppers love a good deal and by promoting your sale, you can bring in new shoppers to buy from your store and inform past customers about the sale.

H&M set up an exclusive time-sensitive sale for their shoppers and created a hype for the sale with a social media ad. Within the ad, they created urgency by saying that it’s only for ‘48 hours’ to bring more shoppers to buy from their website.

3. Trending Product Promotion

Targetting to: Both for customer acquisition and retention

If a product is performing well on your Shopify store, you can boost its sales by setting up an ad highlighting it. Let your shoppers know why they should check out the product and create urgency by telling them to “grab it before stocks run out”.

Bones Coffee Company promotes its trending products well with a well-written and visually appealing social media ad. Their copy makes shoppers eager to try out their coffee flavor.

4. Cart Recovery 

Targetting to: Cart abandoners

Cart abandonment is a problem most merchants face. Set up a social media ad campaign to remind your shopper about their waiting cart while they are browsing social media. Your cart recovery ads will show the shopper the product they abandoned so that they have a quicker recall, nudging them to click through and complete checkout.

Otten Coffee shows its shoppers the product they forgot, including the product image, description, and price. The ad takes the shopper to their cart, making it easier to checkout.

Further Reading: 5 Channels to Recover Abandoned Carts on Your Shopify Store

5. Cross-Sell

Targetting to: Past customers for repeat purchases

Cross-selling allows you to sell additional products to your past customers. These products could be add-ons that allow the customer to use the product they purchased better or they can be other products that the shopper may buy based on their previous purchase. For instance, if your customer bought shoes, you can show ads suggesting socks or workout accessories.

Nescafé shows its past customers a new product they just launched with a social media ad. By showing this new product to past customers, they ensure better conversions on their ads and maximize their ad spend.

6. Brand Awareness

Targetting to: New customer acquisition

When acquiring new customers, you need to introduce your brand to them before showing them product or sale promotions. A brand awareness social media ad campaign is the best way to do this. Set up a brand awareness ad to explain what your Shopify store sells, why others love your products, and what’s special about them.  

Birchbox set up a brand awareness ad to let shoppers know what their subscription is about using a stop motion video. Their short copy explains exactly what they do and uses exclusivity to give the shopper reasons to subscribe.

7. Upsell

Targetting to: Retaining past customers

Upselling is a great tactic to encourage past shoppers to buy from your store again. It entices shoppers to purchase more expensive items and upgrade from their past purchases to increase sales. Such a tactic is especially helpful if your products require repurchasing.

Set up an upselling ad to get shoppers to upgrade their products. You can set up dynamic upsell ads so that shoppers who bought a specific product will be shown a relevant product to upgrade to.

This Marshall ad is the perfect example of upselling. The ad encourages shoppers to upgrade their earphones by checking out their range of products.

8. Collection Promotion

Targetting to: Both for customer acquisition and retention

Promote an entire collection on your Shopify store with a Facebook ad. Such an ad is great if you want to entice shoppers to visit your store based on their interest in a specific type of product. Collection ads can either be set up as a single image or as a carousel of different products within that collection.

Marshall set up an ad, nudging shoppers to check out their collection of speakers that shoppers can set up in their home. The ad copy is light and fun, creating a conversation with ad viewers.

9. Loyal Customer Targetting

Targetting to: Retaining customers and increasing repeat purchases

We all know that bringing back a past customer is easier than acquiring a new one. If you’re looking to grab repeat purchases, set up ads to be shown to your loyal customers. Upload a CSV of your customers onto Facebook Ad manager, create a custom list to target these customers and set up ads to reel them back!

You can offer them exclusive discounts to convert them, highlight new products you’re selling, or invite them to refer your store to others. 

The Body Shop set up an ad, asking their loyal customers to sell their products from home. This smart sales strategy gets their customers to vet and sell their products to friends and family, simplifying how they acquire new shoppers.

10. Product How-to 

Targetting to: Both for customer acquisition and retention

Add more context to your products and show shoppers how they can use your product best with a product how-to ad. You can create a video, showing how the product can be used, whether it’s a clothing item to style or a food ingredient to add flavor to their dish. Videos engage shoppers better. Since they autoplay, shoppers scrolling on social media are sure to stop and watch the rest of the video.

Marks & Spencers created a video to show their shoppers how they can make a dish with one of their signature products. With this, they got shoppers interested to buy the product and recreate the dish themselves.

Ready to set up social media ad campaigns?

When setting up social media ads, it’s crucial to monitor the performance of your campaigns and understand which ads are driving more revenue to your Shopify store. Set up performance analytics within the RevTap dashboard to get reports that give you a deep dive into the ads that are performing well. The analytics dashboard also provides AI-driven insights to help you improve your strategy.

Besides monitoring your performance, you must also identify the different kinds of customers that are visiting and shopping from your store. Segment your customers with RevTap to set up highly personalized campaigns that target these customers with ad copy that resonates with them. 

If you’re having trouble getting conversions from your Facebook and Instagram ads, we’ve got your back! Our Shopify experts would love to help you. 

We are providing an exclusive Facebook ads consultation, ensuring you can maximize your ROI from your ads. We’ll identify your problem points to optimize your ads, helping you increase your revenue and acquire new customers. 

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Asiya Nayeem
Asiya Nayeem

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