Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava

Strategic Shopify Marketing Channels To Keep Customers Informed During COVID-19

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Difficult times call for strategic moves. A lot of Shopify stores right now are either seeing a spike in their sales as consumers stock up on necessities and things they may need while being in quarantine. But as many stores are also seeing a dip in their sales at this point.

Now you can’t possibly change the situation at hand. The efficiency of the supply chain, the needs of your consumers and more, it’s not something you can change. But what you can do is stay in touch with your customers and make sure they remain engaged with your brand.

After all, these times are going to end and you’re going to need them back on your store to start making those sales again!

Shopify marketing channels you absolutely need right now

1. Shopify email marketing

First things first, reach out to your customer base and subscribers on email. Let them know you’re with them in the current scenario and also update them about any changes that you’re implementing. It could be halting your sales for a while, delays in delivery or absolutely anything else that you think they should be aware of.

If you’re running any special offers or are offering any free store credits to help the consumers make purchases, don’t forget to mention those too.

By doing so, you do a few things. One, you set customer expectations right so that they can plan their purchases accordingly – especially applicable to general, health and food stores. You don’t want them to keep waiting for you while there’s an immediate need for something. Help your customers out!

Two, it gets you good karma for being transparent with your customers and helping them out during this time.

A simple email like this goes a long way:

shopify marketing email covid-19 revtap

Need help setting up a good campaign? Reach out to us on chat and we’ll work with you! 

2. Facebook Messenger marketing 

With most of us working from home, we’ve suddenly become all too active on social media and chat apps like the Facebook Messenger. Be it to stay up-to-date with the recent news around COVID-19 or to get in touch with their friends and family to make sure they’re okay, they’re continually online.

Use this Shopify marketing channel to send updates – in a pretty similar way as the email. Let them know of delivery delays, supplies available, offers they can avail, how your store is managing during this outbreak to ensure good health and how you’re there to help them out – if not with products, but sharing information that they might need.

3. Web push notifications 

Due to their general look and feel, web push notifications tend to get instantly consumed. They help you reach your customers even when they’re not online and on your website – be it on desktop or on mobile devices. So make sure you keep your message crystal clear on this Shopify marketing channel.

You could create a drip of web push messages. One to notify them of recent changes to your delivery dates. A second one to let them know about the stocks available and expected restocks and another to maybe promote any deals that you are offering to make these bulk and stock purchases a little friendlier.

4. Text/ SMS marketing 

While some of your customers are going online to stay up-to-date with the news around COVID-19, there are also those who are offline to avoid panicking. But that doesn’t mean they’re not shopping the essentials or looking for more information whenever they want to. That’s where text marketing comes into play.

Similar to web push notifications, use this Shopify marketing channel to deliver crisp updates and news about the changes you have brought in. or the changes you’re about to bring in. automate these messages so that you don’t have to worry about constantly delivering promotions or any kind of information at the right time. You want to be able to update your customers in a timely manner.

5. Content and social media marketing 

Believe it or not, what consumers want is more information around what they really need to purchase, where they can buy it all from, how COVID-19 is impacting us, what brands are doing to keep health checks and more. There are thousands of articles online by now, but your customers trust your brand.

As sales see a little dip, invest time to curate and create content that will help your customers stay up-to-date with everything happening. Be it sharing tips to keep themselves safe or simply creating a small video of yourself, asking them not to panic and that we’re all going to get through it together.

Just make sure that anything and everything you share is verified. You don’t want to break the trust of your customers by sharing rumors or creating more panic around the situation with information that isn’t right. Send them this content on email, web push, text or even the Messenger. You can also post these on your social media accounts – just like Miaah, a jewelry brand, does:

content marketing covid-19

6. Social media and search ads 

For a lot of stores, this isn’t the right time to run promotions as they may not be able to recover in terms of the sales they make. Consider this Shopify marketing strategy only if you have additional resources or consistent sales still coming in.

Use social media and search ads to promote content that helps your customers stay safe – these could be simple tips and reminders instead of your usual product promotions. If you’re shutting down your services, let them know that too. But of course, if you’re running discounts or offering faster delivery during this period, use this channel to let them know. It will help them plan their purchases better amidst all this chaos!

Here’s an example from Herb Tantra:

social media ad during covid-19

We know there are a million things that you’re taking care of right now. So if you’re facing any trouble setting up the above campaigns or need help strategizing these Shopify marketing campaigns, you can reach out to us right away!

Our Shopify experts want to make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in these tough times.

In fact, we’re offering a FREE CONSULTATION to 20 Shopify stores right now on how to use email marketing and Facebook ads to sail through these tough times.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha is the Head of Content and Partnerships at RevTap. You'll usually find her hunting for strategies and tools to enable eCommerce businesses to sell more. At other times, you'll find her testing them and writing about them with a cup of coffee.

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