10 Subject Lines to Help You Recover Abandoned Carts on Your eCommerce Store (Bonus: Strategies And Timing)

One of the most widely used marketing channel in eCommerce? Email campaigns. While some of these emails are sent out as newsletters or promotional campaigns, others are triggered based on particular customer behaviors. These can include topics such as welcome emails, abandonment cart emails, re-engagement sequences, etc.

The most common type of behavior-based email falls under the abandoned cart category. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s when a user visits your page, selects products and adds them to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. This is where retargeting comes into play – it’s also known as remarketing.

In doing this, you’ll eventually be able to recover a great deal of the sales from the neglected carts discussed above. The most important thing to remember? You’ll need to send these abandoned cart emails while they’re still fresh! 🙂

10 Email Subject Lines to Help Recover Ecommerce Abandoned Carts

Before we list down the best email subject lines to recover abandonment cart, let’s first discuss strategy and optimized time.


Abandoned Cart Email Strategy and Timing

According to Business Insider Intelligence, “Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts.” It’s true that this number doesn’t seem promising, but keep in mind that most of these users do plan on returning to the eCommerce store – otherwise they wouldn’t have added any items to their cart in the first place!

A recurring theme with all the emails we’re going to discuss is the focus on Call To Action buttons (otherwise known as the CTA linked to the customer’s cart). It’s also important to include pictures of the products the customer chose.

First Reminder Email

We advise sending this email while the product desired by the customer is still fresh in their mind. This is why most eCommerce stores send an email just 2 hours after the cart is abandoned. It’s also worth remembering that the reason the user didn’t complete the purchase is probably that they’re still considering other options. Sending a reminder email will encourage them to make a decision.

On the other hand, if the reason behind the abandoned cart is because the shopper became distracted and forgot – you’ll be just in time to refresh their memory! Keep in mind that this email should be clear, concise and specific.

Second Reminder Email

Should the first email not do much in terms of converting the lead, you should definitely try a second time. The second reminder should go out 24 hours after the customer added items to their cart. This way, you’ll grab the attention of the distracted buyer and hopefully encourage them to complete their purchase and become a regular returning customer.

Remember: don’t try to cross-sell or up-sell through these emails. As we previously mentioned, the shopper is probably already distracted, so don’t make the decision harder to make by giving more options – you can market and share other products in your weekly newsletter.

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Last Reminder Email

If your first two emails have proven to be unsuccessful, give your user one more opportunity to return to their cart. In fact, many users are converted by the last reminder email. This email should be sent out around a week after the cart was abandoned.

We highly recommend incentivizing your buyers by either providing them with discounts (for instance free shipping for items in the cart or 10% off their chosen items) or even resorting to urgency (for instance letting them know that there’s only two items left or they’re almost out of stock).

Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

We cannot stress the importance of subject line enough. It’s of huge importance to capture (and keep) their attention from the moment your email lands in their inbox. No matter how well-studied your strategy is, in the end, that one, a short sentence is what determines whether the receiver will open the email or not. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most effective subject lines you can use when it comes to abandoned carts.

1 – Don’t miss out.. Your cart expires soon!

2 – Continue shopping with 15% off!

3 – Forgetting something?

4 – What are you waiting for? We’re almost out of stock

5 – Did something go wrong?

6 – Thanks for your visit! We noticed you left an item in your cart.

7- Ready to buy? Complete your order now!

8 – Only 2 left… The item you chose is almost sold out.

9 – Free shipping on your order!

10 – Complete your purchase with 10% off!

Don’t forget to keep your subject lines spam-free – otherwise, your email will go straight to their junk folder!

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