Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava

Valentine’s Day Shopify Marketing Strategies To Make More Sales!

valentine's day shopify marketing strategies

The National Retail Association found that Valentine’s Day sales are booming for eCommerce. With a whopping 29% of consumers making purchases online, it is another opportunity for Shopify stores to rev up their efforts and make more sales. Last year, the total revenue from sales for Valentine’s Day gifts and goodies was around  $30 Billion in 2019.  That’s why in this article, we’re sharing some Shopify marketing strategies you need to get started with right away!

(Earlier the better!)

Valentine’s day Shopify marketing strategies

1. Identify top-selling products

First things first – dig into your store data before you get down to deciding which products to promote and which to offer discounts on.

Identify which products are trending amongst the shoppers visiting your store. Also, identify those that have been selling the most and generating maximum revenue for your store. This will help you get direction in terms of what you need to focus on promoting during the Valentine’s day run-up week.

Now looking into your store data to analyze the performance of every collection, every product and its variants can be overwhelming. Compiling that in an excel sheet and doing all the calculations and estimations manually could take days. That’s exactly what you don’t have!

With Shopify analytics apps like RevTap, you can simplify product analytics. The app pulls in data from your store and Google Analytics onto one dashboard. Then based on the performance of each product, it creates clear product segments. So you get a clear picture of what’s selling, what’s not, what’s hot and what you should remove stock of altogether!

product analytics - revtap shopify analytics

For instance, you can make sure you have enough inventory of the top-selling products to prevent stock-outs and losing sales. Similarly, you can lower the inventory on products that have not been selling for a while, to optimize your warehouse costs during the period.

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2. Create customer segments to understand purchase behaviour

When 74% of online buyers expect personalization from the brands they engage with, why not use their purchase behaviour to improve the shopping journey?

But no two customers are the same. What might motivate one to make a purchase, might not even be a consideration for the other.

You could be selling the best of your products at the best deals possible, and still not be able to make one sale on it during Valentine’s. That’s where you need to dig deep into your store and marketing data both to map a visitor’s engagement on your store, their purchases and the campaigns they came through.

So you’ll be looking into Google Analytics to understand where visitors are coming from, how they navigate through the site, what they interact with the most and when they complete a purchase or abandon the site.

You’ll next be looking into your marketing channels. From likes, comments, reach, views, actions taken to link clicks, you’ll collate all the data onto an excel sheet.

But what happens next? How do you use both these excels to create customer segments? Difficult, right?

RevTap also helps you process this data and create 24+ unique customer segments based on shopper behaviour. Right from price-sensitive customers, cart abandoners, refunders to full-price buyers and more, the Shopify analytics app gets you in-depth insights into customer behaviour – without having to manage excel sheets.

customer analytics - customer segments on revtap

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3. Work on lookbooks for Valentine’s day gifting

Valentine’s is the time when you’ll see the search for gift ideas skyrocket. Now there are thousands of sites creating content like ‘10 gift ideas for your girlfriend.’ Adding another article to the pool is going to get you nowhere!

That’s where creating lookbooks comes handy. A lookbook is basically an interactive piece of content where shoppers don’t just get gifting ideas but are also directly linked to the products shown on your store. They can use a lookbook to explore more products for Valentine’s day gifting, learn more about the product range and buy the product if they like it – almost immediately!

With Shopify apps like Lookbook – Shoppable Gallery, you can create an interactive lookbook in minutes. Upload the images, choose a gallery layout (grid, slider and masonry), and embed it onto any of your store’s pages. Promote your Valentine’s day gift ideas lookbook on the home page, product pages or even the cart page to sell more!

shopify marketing strategies - lookbook

4. Set up a countdown timer popup on your site

eCommerce stores have been using this tactic for a while now, and it works like a charm for them. By setting a countdown timer on the discounts you’re offering during Valentine’s, you create a sense of urgency in the shoppers. After all, no one wants to miss out on a good product or a great deal!

Even eCommerce giants like Amazon swear by this tactic!

The reason is that most online shoppers don’t convert on their first visit. They want to explore other products and deals available to them. But letting them go find these deals is losing a sale almost immediately.

So you need to make sure that right from the point a shopper lands on your store, they know the deals are time-sensitive. It’s Valentine’s and they need to hurry as it is!

With Shopify apps like Ultimate Sales Boost, you can add a countdown timer to all the pages on your store. This instils a sense of urgency and continually keeps reinstating it, nudging the shopper to take action right away.

For instance, if a shopper is reading the product details, you can use an advanced inventory countdown popup. This lets them know that the product is hot-selling and could run out of stock soon, wanting them to bag it immediately.

inventory countdown timer - shopify marketing strategies

Similarly, if the shopper has added products from your Valentine’s sale to the cart. You can display a flash sale countdown timer to let them know when the deal on the products is ending. Tell them they don’t have enough time to leave your store to explore other products.

iflash sale countdown timer - shopify marketing strategies

5. Send your prospects a personalized email

Every store has an email list of their existing customers and interested subscribers. Leverage this powerful marketing channel by sending a personalized email to them about your Valentine’s day sale and offers.

But make sure you’re not blatantly promoting products that these shoppers wouldn’t be interested in. Personalized emails have a 7.4% open rate. So there are higher chances of driving the email subscriber back to your store to make a purchase from your Valentine’s sale. But one email isn’t enough – you need to keep reminding these shoppers of the amazing deals you’re offering!

This is where using Shopify apps like Klaviyo and Spently come in. They help you automate Shopify email marketing to promote your Valentine’s day offers.

shopify marketing strategies - email

Here are some pro-tips that can help you give your emails a more personal touch:

  • Send different email messages to different customer segments.
  • Make real conversations. Stop sending a sales pitch. Explain to your recipient why their loved one would cherish a gift from your store.
  • Use parameters that show the subscriber’s names within the email so that it feels like the reader is being addressed personally.
  • Do not just sell your product, solve the problem of your target audience. Create content pieces such as ‘How to make your partner feel special?’ Such thoughtful messages will attract more customers to your website as they would be able to relate to your ideas and products.

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6. Leverage Facebook Messenger marketing

Gone are the days when only Facebook feed ads were a way to reach your target audience. With engagement taking the centre stage, the Facebook Messenger has now become a promising channel to promote products, deals and sales.

But just like email, dropping one message on the Messenger isn’t enough to promote your Valentine’s day sale. You need to send the shopper reminders on when the sale is going live, how many days the sale is going to be live for and of course, reach out to them with product recommendations or cart recovery messages – while they’re active chatting with their friends and family in another window!

With apps like Flashchat, you can automate it all. But remember to follow the same rules as an email to create a sense of urgency through your messaging.

facebook messenger marketing 2

Ps. Don’t forget to add the option to subscribe to updates on the Facebook Messenger, on your product pages. Establish a communication channel with new visitors as soon as possible!

7. Send out web push notifications to alert shoppers

Your shoppers are not always online. By the time they read your email or open your message on Facebook Messenger, it could be too late!

That’s where web push notifications come in. They get your message across to the shopper on desktop and mobile, even when they’re not on your store or checking any of the other communication channels.

Here too though you need to create a drip of web push notifications or multiple campaigns to promote your deals. Your Valentine’s day Shopify marketing strategy for web push needs to include a countdown to the sale, reminders of the time-sensitive deals, cart recovery messages, content promotion and more.

Just remember to keep your messaging crystal clear. The shopper should be able to take away what they will get in the sale in seconds! Accompany the web push message with an eye-catching graphic, and you’ve nailed a sale.

With Shopify apps like Firepush and Smart Push Marketing, you can set these campaigns up in minutes.

8. Send out Valentine’s promotions on SMS

Another promising channel that has gotten online stores guaranteed opens and higher CTRs, is text marketing.

We all know how frequently we tend to check our smartphones. Even if we’re not logging into Facebook or checking our emails, checking messages comes naturally to us. That’s why you should include text messaging in your Shopify marketing strategy.

Similar to email, SMS, web push and Facebook Messenger, you need to plan this channel communication out. One message doesn’t cut it! Right from early reminders of the Valentine’s Day sale to cart recovery messages, plan it out and remember to use clear and actionable messaging.

With Shopify apps like SMSBump and TxtCart, you can create automated SMS campaigns to hook your shopper’s interest during Valentine’s. Send them message alerts reminding them to order gifts for their loved ones in time for them to be shipped and delivered. Or recover the carts that were abandoned by offering an additional discount to make Valentine’s shopping even better for them.

9. Bring back online shoppers with smart retargeting

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on ads to reach new customers, include retargeting in your Shopify marketing strategy.

With all the above tactics, you will be driving new and repeat customers to your store. You will also see these shoppers browsing through products, adding them to their cart and sometimes abandoning them. Use all that data to drive this shopper back to their purchase intent with retargeting ads on social media.

Bring back shoppers by offering additional discounts on their cart total or recommend more products from the same range.



But remember to write an ad copy that makes the shopper want to take action right away. It could be regarding limited inventory or simply letting them know the purchases need to reach on time for Valentine’s to be special!

But now re-target all those visitors have products added to their carts in just a few clicks. All you have to do is to add a Facebook Pixel code on your website and build your custom audience.

If retargeting seems overwhelming to you, you can use Shopify apps like RetargetApp.

Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t lose your chance to sell more!

10. Create an upsell and cross-sell campaign

eCommerce stores often give product suggestions to their buyers in order to increase their average order value using strategies like upselling or cross-selling.

Upselling allows you to recommend a product of higher value than the product the shopper is considering buying. In contrast, cross-selling recommends products that are complementary to the product the shopper has bought, nudging them to add it as well to their cart.

But upselling and cross-selling works only when you do it in a contextual manner.

For instance, if a shopper is purchasing a teddy bear from your store, make a suggestion to them to buy a card as well!

Or show them a teddy bear that’s bigger than the one they chose and is hot-selling.

But mapping each shopper’s interests and preferences to make such recommendations is manually impossible. That’s where Shopify apps like Wiser come in.

Wiser understands shopper behaviour on your store and uses the data to create personalized product recommendations. But more importantly, the app allows you to add these recommendations across all your store pages – home page, product page, thank you page, cart page and more, with smart widgets like recently viewed items, frequently bought together and more.

Getting set for Valentine’s Day!

BFCM is far far away. But Valentine’s is giving your Shopify store a chance to bag more sales. So go all out to promote your products, deals and offers to your customers.

While setting up the above Valentine’s Day Shopify marketing strategies is a sure-shot way to get shoppers to your site, and purchase products, you could do more. You could also work on customizing your store’s look and feel to match the Valentine mood!

Working with Shopify design and development experts like XgenTech, you can customize the look of your home page with elements spreading love. From banners to dynamic elements, you could make a shopper’s experience more interactive if you start early enough.

Ready to supercharge your Valentine’s Day Shopify marketing strategy? 
Start with data using RevTap Shopify Analytics

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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