32 Valentine’s Day Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Email Open Rate

February 14th –  a joyful date for lovers and a blissful occasion for marketers! No, really.

If you’re an e-commerce industry marketer or e-commerce store founder, you should grab this opportunity to maximize the number of conversions you can make throughout the loved up holiday.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, meaning you’ll need to show your customers, subscribers, and followers some love too. Like a real relationship, you’ll need to nurture your customers over time, before eventually gaining their trust.

As with any marketing activity – and especially when it comes to email marketing – segmentation is key. You need to target the right customer base with the appropriate messages in order to make a conversion. And the other important piece is an email subject line.

You can use many different techniques to grab the attention of the user and encourage them to open your emails. However, the subject line is what determines whether the recipient of the email will actually click on it and read it or simply delete it. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of valentine’s day subject lines that will increase your email open rate. Check them out below.

32 Valentine’s Day Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Email Open Rate

Before going through that list, here are a few tips to use while choosing your subject line.

  • Keep them short and direct (that shouldn’t stop them from being attractive…)
  • Always do a spam check!
  • Try to personalize as much as possible.
  • Use urgency and distinguish your products from the rest (avoid a cliche)

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1-  Spread the love… Valentine’s gifts for everyone!

2-  Make this Valentine’s a memorable one…

3-  You will LOVE this email: Valentine’s Day gift guide

4-  Valentine’s Day… with style!

5-  Pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

6-  Valentine’s Day picks for you!

7-  Share the love with gifts of your choice

8-  Personalise your Valentine’s Day gifts

9-  Valentine’s Day gifts (for him & for her)

10- It’s never too late…Get your Valentine’s gift now!

11- Enough with the cliches… Check out these gift ideas!

12- Roses and Chocolate? That’s so last year

13- Unique presents for a unique Valentine

14- Time for love: Get these deals before it’s too late

15- One for you…  And one for your Valentine

16- Still haven’t found the perfect gift? We’ve got your back.

17- A happier Valentine’s Day with free shipping!

18- Will you be our Valentine?

19- Cupid’s last call… Don’t forget your gift!

20- The sweetest Valentine’s day deals just for you!

21- V-Day’s just around the corner.. Are you ready?

22- Memorable Valentine’s Day gifts are 20% off!

23- The Valentine’s gift they really want…

24- Cupid won’t be here for much longer.. Just a few days left until V-Day!

25- Not your usual gifts… Have a special Valentine’s Day!

26- Travel deals are better when you share them with someone

27- Last-minute luxuries for your Valentine

28- From our hearts to yours… Here are some of our best V-Day gifts!

29- The savings have never been sweeter thanks to our Valentine’s Day deals

30- Love the one you’re with (Valentine’s Day gifts for all)

31- Get your sweetheart a gift they’ll LOVE this V-Day

32- Share something sweet with your loved one

Bonus: Valentine’s Day campaign ideas can include offers such as free shipping, memberships for two, discounts, gift guides, customized gifts, last-minute gifts and many more.

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