30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Sign up for RevTap today and we got you covered with our 30 days money back guarantee. For any reason if you are not happy with our product, just contact our support and we will give you the full refund. No questions asked


1. Will I be billed monthly If I purchase the pre-launch offer?

No. You will be charged only for the first month in advance and you get to use the platform completely free for next 12 months from the day you get access.

2. What if I don’t fit into a plan after I purchase pre-launch-offer?

If you cross the threshold by any chance before a year, you will be rolled to regular pricing plans as per your store criteria. But don’t worry, customers with this offer will get some extra love and discounts from us for the lifetime. We promise.

3. What are the platforms/integrations RevTap works with?

Currently RevTap powers these integrations – Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Google Ads. We have a ton load of integrations coming your way soon.

4. How does money-back guarantee work?

We have a 30 days refund policy. Ask for a refund anytime if you are unhappy with our product. You will get a full refund, zero questions asked! 

5. What are the e-commerce platforms supported?

We work with Shopify and Shopify Plus currently. Let us know via live chat if you are looking for any other platform integrations.

6. How is RevTap different from Google Analytics?

RevTap is your secret weapon to E-Commerce Analytics & Intelligence. We collect and aggregate data from all the integrations so that you won’t miss any of your important data and get everything in one place. Because we believe, every data point matters.

7. Can’t find the right plan, what do I do?

Don’t find the right plan for your store? Feel free to reach us out via live chat or We will be thrilled to help you out and give you a customized plan.

8. Can I change my plans?

Yes, of-course! You can upgrade/downgrade plans any time if your store reaches the pricing plan limits. Need any help, we are available via live chat to help you out.

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