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Get access to exclusive features, discounts, and deals from our Shopify partners who want to help you grow your Shopify store. Let’s work together and help you drive more sales and get more revenue. 

Supercharge merchants with integrated activities with RevTap

As a Shopify app, we prioritize the need to provide merchants with a powerful and integrated use of their apps.

We aim to help merchants tap into their store analytics and grab new opportunities for marketing and sales.

One way we do this is by working with Shopify partners to create content, co-host events, and webinars, and set up technical integrations.

Content creation with RevTap

The foundation of our marketing strategy lies in content creation. We are focused on educating merchants on the potential of using analytics to grow their eCommerce business.

We’d love to work with you to swap blogs and educate each other’s audiences. 

Besides blog content, we would also love to collaborate on ebooks, case studies, podcasts, and other content formats.

Power your strategy with co-distribution

From social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to Shopify groups, distribution is an essential part of getting your content more views and increase engagement. 

We would love to enable a co-distribution strategy that helps expand both of our audiences. Connect with us to understand how you can fit into our social media calender

Co-host events and boost opportunities

Whether it’s a Shopify meetup or an eCommerce talk to educate app developers, events are a great way to network with fellow contributors in the space and find new ways to boost your capabilities in the Shopify ecosystem.

We would love to partner with you and host events that bring Shopify experts together.

Run webinars with RevTap

Webinars are a powerful way to give back valuable actionables to merchants and increase leads to your app. 

When co-running a webinar, we ensure that the topic for the webinar aligns with the services we provide. 

Technical integration with RevTap and its features

Improve a merchant’s tech stack by integrating your app with RevTap’s expansive analytics dashboard. 

Whether you help merchants market their store or diversify their sales channels, integrate with us to help merchants understand their store’s performance better.

Why partner with RevTap?

We’re committed to delivering value to your merchants

Join us on this journey and takeadvantage of these perks along the way

Get exclusive agency discount for your merchants

Dedicated partner manager to help you deliver high

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