Crash course in running Facebook ads for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday and Holiday season sales

A FREE 7-day email course to help you 10x your sales and reduce your Shopify Facebook ads spend by 80%!

“This course has really helped us streamline our Facebook ads budget for BFCM. We’re getting more sales out of less, and our ROI has never looked so good!”

Why should you run Shopify Facebook ads for BFCM and holiday season?

But only when you know how to set these ads right!

What’s in the course?

Day 1
Types of Facebook ads

Understand the different types of Facebook ad formats you can use and their specifications to plan your BFCM and holiday season campaign better.

Day 2
Choosing the right objective

Learn how to identify and set an objective for your Facebook ad campaign and which format suits your goals the best to create your ad strategy.

Day 3
Creating ad images

A peek into the ad creatives - images and videos, and best practices to get your Facebook ads noticed. Straight from our experts’ laboratory!

Day 4
Writing ad copy

Get inside hacks into what will make your target audience want to click on your Facebook ad. Learn more about words that capture attention, create urgency and nudge them to make a purchase!

Day 5
Setting up targeting and budget

Don’t lose money trying to target the wrong audience. Learn how to streamline your targeting to reach your ideal customer at the right time with a budget that suits you!

Day 6
Must-have BFCM and holiday season ads

One ad isn’t enough to turn shoppers into customers. Learn which ads you absolutely need to run during BFCM to get more sales!

Day 7
Measuring success

Learn about the key metrics you should be keeping a close eye on to measure the success of your Shopify Facebook ads. Optimize your budget to get you more BFCM and holiday season sales for less!

FREE ad consultation!

Once the course is complete, you get to speak to Shopify experts for a FREE ad consultation for your store!

Ready to get more sales this BFCM and holiday season?
Enroll for our 7-days course today!

Case Studies

We made this course so that you don’t make the mistakes your competitors made!

Created by Shopify experts with
10+ years of experience

Data-backed strategies and tips
A/B tested and proven to work

Fueled by the best Shopify
analytics app - RevTap

Ready to get more sales this BFCM and holiday season?
Enroll for our 7-days course today!
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