Connect RevTap to Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics to increase Shopify sales

Put all your Shopify store and marketing data to work. Explore customer and product segments, and performance analytics with RevTap.

Identify untapped opportunities to increase Shopify sales in no time!

How do Shopify Analytics, Google Analytics and RevTap work together?

RevTap offers easy, one-click integration with Google Analytics and your Shopify store. The Shopify analytics app pulls all your data on one dashboard to create a growth overview for your online store.

Digging deep into your product performance and marketing campaigns, it also uses the data to create smart customer and product segments.

Identify your top-selling products, VIP customers, shoppers lost to competitors and more with simplified product analytics and customer analytics. With easy-to-understand reports, RevTap helps you identify market opportunities, changing consumer behaviour and optimize your campaigns to drive more sales!

Why using Google Analytics and your Shopify analytics is not enough?

RevTap Google Analytics Shopify analytics
Onsite Behaviour Data

Accurate Revenue Data

All Important Data In One Place

Industry E-commerce Benchmarks

Actionable Insights

Data In Context

Detailed Customer Data

The best Shopify analytics app to simplify data and increase Shopify sales!

Growth overview

Get an overview of how your Shopify store’s growth on RevTap.

See how your recent Shopify marketing campaigns perform, the total sales and revenue generated, channels bringing you active customers and more. All on one Shopify analytics dashboard!

Customer Analytics

Analyze the changing consumer behaviour and purchase trends. Create 24+ unique customer segments based on previous interactions, purchases and more.

Understand consumer expectations and personalize their online shopping journey. Increase Shopify sales in no time!

Product Analytics

Understand how different products are performing on your Shopify store.

Identify your top-selling, trending, most abandoned, refunded, low-selling and more products easily with RevTap.

Plan your inventory better, create better discounts, bundles and more with the best Shopify analytics app.

Performance Analytics

Pull in data from your marketing tools to create a performance dashboard on RevTap.

Get in-depth reports on store traffic, the number of conversions, checkouts, sales, revenue generated and more with performance analytics.

Identify the channel that gets you maximum sales and ROI. Optimize your campaigns to increase Shopify sales!

Supercharge your Shopify store with data
and increase online sales with RevTap

Turn online shoppers into customers and untapped opportunities into more revenue! (before your competitor does)

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